What is Syndicating?

When we here at Dinar Advice refer to ourselves as a “Syndicating Website”. In case you have just heard that phrase for the very first time here is what we are all about.

Our main goal here is to simply be the third party voice in a world where data and information comes from so many different directions that you don’t know whats good and whats not. By third party we mean that there is no emotional attachment to anything we post, maintain or distribute. We simply find whats out there, and bring it to you in a neat little package. Easy to read, process, share, gather and produce.

So what does this mean?…

We “syndicate” (gather) all the information about the Dinar, including rumors, chats, articles , blog posts and so on. Bring them all here so you can easily access all this information in one place, as apposed to trying go to all these different places to get it.

Easy Huh?

If there are any sites you recommend we gather information from please let us know and we will start to follow them as well. Just email us at dinaradvice@gmail.com