GID Associates

How to buy  Iraqi Currency from GID Associates


The GID Associates are a well known global trade and currency leader for the Iraqi Dinar. They were first establish on September 18th of 2004 and have been strong in the market since. Some of the reason we support them is their attention to detail as well as saftey. They provide great tips on their site to help you make wise decisions on your investment.

Safety & Security

With much of the chatter going around about the Dinar and how many think it’s a scam it might be intimidating to want to even go down that road. Before you purchase any Dinar from anyone here are a few things you should know.

  • The Iraqi Dinar should have metallic ink.
  • Look for the security thread on the right/middle side of the front.
  • The left side should have a horse head watermark.
  • Color changing symbol on the left side.
  • The denomination’s value should glow under Ultraviolet Light.

If you do not see any of these features on any of the bills you purchase you need to return them immediately as they could be a fraud or an old bill.


GID Associates is a currency dealer registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a money services business and subject to periodic examination by the Internal Revenue Service. has already established itself as a leader in the distribution of Iraqi Dinar and can bring you the Iraqi Dinar at very competitive prices because we deal in such high volumes.

You can be assured that your safety & security is guaranteed when shopping with You can shop with ease, knowing that your information is safe & secure.

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