Experts agree on the need to root out corruption to attract investment

Experts agree on the need to root out corruption to attract investment
July 17, 2017

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb / Shokran Fatlawi under the direction of the operations of reconstruction and wide in the liberated areas and cities of Iraq and other require the need is able to attract international investment and undermine corruption through expert proposals and ways to combat it,

such as the focus of the discussion of the symposium organized by the International Projects Center in cooperation with the Economic Reform Institute sound environment.

Chairman of the Trustees of the Institute d. Super Abdul Rasul said that corruption is a stumbling block to overall economic development, pointing out that Iraq is in dire need to undermine corruption and create an ideal working environment that attracts investment Atah.oadav that the country demands that the return to the regional and international environment,

noting that Iraq is an important part of the world He pointed to the importance of studying the reasons for Iraqi businessmen overseas presence and work to create a work environment that attracted.

The national product either d. Zuhair al-Hassani presented a paper under the title of (financial and administrative corruption in Iraq and ways to combat it), during which he stressed the importance of restoring the economic role in the local market with the support of the national product,

which provides jobs to accommodate the high rates of unemployment and are implementing the four economic laws without delay or exceptions, a tariff law customs Law National product support and consumer protection Act and the law of competition and prevent monopoly and the establishment of councils set forth in these laws for the month of good implementation.

He actually requires the support of the private sector to provide banking facilities and extinguish the debt, fines and taxes in order to restore confidence in the business and operation of laboratories stalled and encourage the return of Iraqi capital environment, the expatriate home,

as well as the rehabilitation of public companies, the company between the public and private sectors and the fastest in the legislation of company law currently before the Council and the establishment of the State Consultative partnership Council headed by the Prime Minister of the month on the good management of this partnership in accordance with the quality and government standards.

He pointed to the importance of the rehabilitation of the central markets in partnership with the private sector to support the daily needs of people with limited income exclusively for the solutions of the ration card which was marred by corruption, commissions and waste in public money shop, and to prevent the sale of government sub-contracts, which provides a fertile environment for corruption.

Development projects and called for the preparation of feasibility studies for development projects and estimate the real not imaginary cost her speculative and referral to a reputable companies to provide the ability to accomplish and prevent their failure or reluctance,

as is happening now, and encouraging investment by improving the business environment by providing land for investment projects and infrastructure and the implementation of direct single window through committees .

In the part of administrative reforms it may need to speed up the implementation of e-government with the help of a reputable company to eliminate electronic loops and to achieve transparency and Alavhas public opinion so as to achieve community control over government administration to reduce corruption.

As it should be the establishment of a Higher Council for Reconstruction headed by the Prime Minister as a body senior project management and governance tenders and contracts and contracting with companies sober and ensure the implementation of projects and control implementation to eliminate the most important source of corruption in Iraq,

indicating the importance of stopping waste of public money through the preparation of a development budget program by reducing of the costs of speculative phantom of the projects and operational budget and the preparation of these projects in the light of the feasibility study in accordance with the development plan and provide sources outside the oil revenues,

as well as the organization of tax and settling accounts combating tax smuggling and the collection of customs duties and fees for services of T provided by the public sector without exceptions.

Support the private sector to provide social security for the employment of the private sector and Alhdinm career sag and disguised unemployment and control firm on border crossings and governance to prevent commercial fraud, smuggling, commissions, kickbacks and terrorism financing and implementation Alaaksodaa to bring out the customs to eliminate the corruption system.

We must speed up the submission of the final accounts of the annual budget of the audited and presented to the House of Representatives know their inputs and outputs and the fight against corruption.

Amendment Hassani law warned to speed up the amendment of the Penal Code to transfer money laundering misdemeanors crimes to felonies to deter transnational organized crime, and international cooperation to combat corruption and crimes of money laundering under the United Nations Convention against Corruption in 2003,

especially seizure and confiscation and restoration of illegal money and the conclusion of receipt of agreements criminals with the States concerned to achieve this.

The banking and monetary reforms require amendment of articles 27 and 28 of the Banking Act of 2004 to enable private banks to invest and participate in economic development, and the tightening of central bank control over private banks and apply the rules of Basel in 1988 on them to prevent money laundering and speculative currency on the black market

and work on lagging banks repair smuggling integration of compulsory or optional in accordance with Article 148 of the companies Act No. 22 of 1997 and the unification of the dinar exchange rate to eliminate the black, which is one of the most important sources of corruption and organized, especially smuggling, money laundering and crime market.

Conference either deputy economic head of Baghdad, a forum on behalf of Antoine said that the coming period will witness the reconstruction of the movement and a wide international community will be a party after the government move and conferences organized outside Iraq,

and the State of Kuwait called for a contract in support of Iraq and the reconstruction of the liberated areas, especially Mosul conference, it which requires the uprooting of corruption.

He said the sound fundamentals to achieve our objectives, reconstruction and construction is to avoid corrupt files and not to allow Bancharha, pointing out that these seminars will have a positive role in the mastery of corruption after standing at its effects in the overall economic process, where we prove that there are great efforts to follow up on corruption and undermine it.

The representative of Iraq at the International Private Enterprise Center, said Muna Zalzala: The center four papers adopted policies to discuss four main topics resulted from the agendas of the work included the provinces and the gap is the application and the fight against corruption and bureaucracy as well as the weakness of strategic planning in Iraq.

It showed that the center contracted with the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform to accomplish these four policies, and today are discussed in the paper of financial and administrative corruption in Iraq and ways to combat it.

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