“The youngest was a baby, maybe two months old.” -Eda Said

Iraqi Yazidi Girl
Iraqi Yazidi Girl

Terrible Update:

“The youngest was a baby, maybe two months old.” -Eda Said
When I ask this beautiful Yazidi girl about the thousands of girls she saw around when she was kidnaped.

Those couple of past days where the worse days I have seen so far, because just by hearing the stories of those brave Yazidi girls I kinda lived it and it scared me to death. The stories made me so angry that I was scared of my thoughts.

“He took her, cleaned her, then made her wear certain clothes.” She stopped talking for a second and then continued, “The only thing we heard afterward was her screaming.” I was horrified to ask but I did, “How old was she?” I asked Eda. “Nine years old.” Eda replied. My feeling were indescribable, “how old was he!” I had to know. “Fifty-Five.” She replied.

Eda described them as animals, but I can’t agree with that. Because animals are way better. I can’t disrespect animals that much and say something about them like that. ISIS and anyone who support them is the devil.

She was 9 and he was 55 and they heard nothing but her screaming behind the door. And “We knew we were next.” Eda couldn’t finish her story.

I just want to say to everyone, WAKE UP

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