Masum confirms the importance of continued international support for Iraq

BAGHDAD / NINA / President Fuad Masum, stressed on Wednesday the need for continued humanitarian and logistical support from the international community for Iraq to eliminate the armed terrorist groups and stop the suffering of the displaced people.

A presidential statement quoted Masum as saying, during a meeting with Peter Maurer President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the delegation accompanying him, that Iraq is engaging in a broad war against the IS gangs, and at the same time trying to address the issue of displaced people and their suffering, which requires the continued help and assistance of the international community and humanitarian organizations on the military and humanitarian levels.

The President of the Republic stressed that the guidance given to the Iraqi armed forces, urging them not to allow any party trying to undermine the Iraqi human rights under any circumstances.

Masum praised the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the delivery and provision of medical and life necessities for the displaced people, stressing the need to form an ad hoc committee in the field of psychotherapy to treat those affected.

For his part, Peter Maurer thanked the President of the Republic for his efforts to the success of the organization tasks in Iraq, saying that the organization seeks to accelerate its program in Iraq and intensify their efforts to help the displaced people.


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