Maliki: The “crisis” is his ticket to a third term?

Enorrste:   Article – “Iraq To Be Partitioned Into Three Independent States?”

I just don’t think that a partition is even on the table at this time. What is on the table is to solve the insurgency crisis. You don’t have to partition the country to do that. The entire idea of a 3 state or 3 country solution is “pie in the sky” talk. It will not happen…there is no majority will for this to happen. That in itself is necessary. Maliki receives no benefit at all from a breakup of his country. …things like the breaking up of a country into 3 parts is not easy. In Yugoslavia it tooks years and UN intervention before anything was accomplished.

…the CBI continues on its merry path toward moving from Article 14 to Article 8, as is evidenced by Turki’s statement yesterday that he is preparing to bring the dinar to the world stage. Maliki is using this “crisis” to get exactly what he wants: a continuation of his role as PM. He will promise these people anything they want, and then do whatever he wants afterwards. That has always been his modus operandi. The “crisis” will be shown to be his ticket to a third term.

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