Remember Shabibi – Will Maliki push Turki out of governance of the CBI ?

3-18-14 [Baghdad] Revealed a source familiar with the determination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki administration’s central bank delivered to the Secretary General of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords.

The source told all of Iraq [where] that “Maliki’s decision comes after it issued a decision to withdraw the hand of [Abdel Basset Turki], who runs the Central Bank and the Agency in addition to his position at the head of Supreme Audit authenticity and delivery of Directors of the Bank to the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords”.

The Council of Ministers decided on 16 October 2012 to request the President of Supreme Audit Abdel Basset Turki to manage the Iraqi Central Bank, succeeding Governor Sinan al-Shabibi issued an arrest warrant on charges of corruption.

There were conflicting reports on more than once about the intention Turki to resign from his post as governor of the bank, most recently last September against the backdrop summoned by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after he sent him strongly criticized, describing his performance bank Palmtkhalaf and bad and told him that mishandling effect on the course of the Iraqi economy. On Somewhat reported by some media. however adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi denied the news and said the continuation of the job at the head of Turkish Central Bank administration. ended


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