It’s a Superfantastic Day!!

9-25-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony The system has been updated, the codes have been updated, a new authority has been put in place, the banks, call centers and cash in centers are manned. They have been told it is done. The word of the day is no longer imminent, it is no longer soon. The new world of the day is DONE, DONE, DONE. Everyone we called said it is done. It hasn’t been announced but it is completed, rates are live and are all the same to the penny. Just waiting for it to be announced and it could happen at any time. The rates are unbelievable, higher than any rate that I have ever told you before. The U.S. negotiated it up and we are going to reap the benefits. The 30 days cash in is still in place. The Rupiah is at now $1.08. It will not go live until all banks receive the 800#’s from the UST and as soon as they are issued the rates will go live. It’s a Superfantastic Day!!


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