Important Notice to Dinar Recaps Email Subscribers

Important Notice to Dinar Recaps Email Subscribers

As many of you know, Recaps has two separate email lists that we email each Newsletter to.

Tuesday afternoon, we realized we have a problem with the smaller of our lists. 

For those people on the list that receives the link to get our Newsletter each time will NOT get a email from us tonight.  This will most likely continue for our Tuesday 10pm (ET) and maybe our Wednesday 10am (ET) emails.

NOTE: We will continue to do the email Newsletter, it just won’t be sent to those people on our Secondary email list.

No need to email us about the situation, we know about it and are working with that email service provider to restore it as soon as possible.

REMINDER to everyone, ALL our Newsletters are available on our ARCHIVE Page online within 3 minutes of being sent by our main service.  As well as all the stories and posts are available on our BLOG Page online as soon as each post is made.

Here is the link to our Tuesday 6pm Newsletter:

Thank you for your Readership of Dinar Recaps

The Dinar Recaps Team

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