I don’t think they can go another 10 days

8-2-2013 Intel Guru TNT Tony It was a 2 year deal to draw in 000 notes. It was supposed to happen between 2012–2014. It was a process. We burned up a year already and now we’re into Aug, so now we are being told 30 days. In Iraq right now on Iraqi TV they are discussing about the cards being activated. From someone in Iraq right now, somebody in Baghdad and a guy in Kurdistan are saying the cards 90% completed. There were 3 locations where cards were activated. In Kurdistan cards activated today at $3.44. The are still trying to get all done today. The number this a.m. was 5.62 and .52 and we know these are not the real rates because they change every day. [Do you see an end date during the month of August?] Definitely, I don’t think they can go another 10 days. [So there is a high probability of an RV in next 10 days?] Yes.


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