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Lxx Hxxxxxx : For the few of you that really know me, I still have some strong connections on Wall Street! According to what I was told about ten minutes ago. This RV will happen tonight at about 200AM in the morning and trade as a live currency sometime tomorrow. Just stay close to the safe!

ddm said:I also received first hand info from a currency dealer that this is going down within hrs!


7 Nights a Week 9:00pm ET Open forum call “Dinar Info Hub” – Alabama (559)726-1300 Pin: 364876# Last Recording (559)726-1399 Pin: 364876#

(SassyDinar: Alabama’s Info Hub has changed their Call Days:
AT 9 PM Eastern Standard Time (8 PM Central).WE END our call

7 Nights a Week 9:00pm ET Batman and Friends (559)726-1300 PIN 624765# Last Recording (559)726-1399 Pin: 624765#

TUESDAY and THURSDAY NIGHTS 9PM ET Global Reset Society with Jedi Broadcast (Bitcoin & some Dinar talk) (712)432-0900 PIN 275066#
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TNT Tony:  Hearing great stuff.  If you are not ready, get ready.  I hope to talk to you later today, but if not I will have a lot to tell you tomorrow on our call.  I am excited. 

[blondie58] lgtennis are you still as excited as you were a couple of hours ago

[lgtennis] blondie58 beyond excited

[ChildOfGod] lgtennis whooooo hooooo

SolarKing] My analysis of the dinarian from purchase to now.

The 1st year-You are shocked and awed at the possibility of becoming wealthy from such a little investment. You make your first purchase and the dreams are a flowing. New house, new car, everthing that you have always dreamed about looks to be suddenly possible in the near future.

 #2- you start to read the boards and get really excited because, IT HAPPENING TODAY.

#3- you start to tell some family and friends and get some mixed feelings on what they believe.

#4 The first morning, you wake-up with no RV and get a little annoyed.

#5-You start to tell friends and family that, oh, it’s here, we are there, the RV is coming by tomorrow. The next morning you feel like a horses a$# when it doesn’t show.

#6 You start to question EVETRYTHING you are reading and start to do some of your own research.

#7 You confidence in the investment get’s renewed fronm your own resesarch and you tell your family and friends, AGAIN, we are there, the RV is here blah blah blah.

SolarKing] #8-You wake again feeling lijke a horses a%. #9 You have finally become numb to the intel and realize that it will happen when it happens.



[KajunRedBull] They are re processing the original process then had to reprocess the reprocess in order for the process to move forward. Once they are complete with the re reprocessing then the original process will no longer be original because then they have to reprocess the codes which in turn become reprocessed

okrocks] geeze even the rv is processed… we are being fed processed food and reprocessed intel and rumors the least we could get is a reprocessed free rv lol

queenmother4] Puppylove got some first hand intel from a person who works at the american embassy in Iraq

[queenmother4] said all the staff are invested there and are very excited about ch 7 and waiting for rv

[queenmother4] said she is hearing 3.50 and expecting it soon

[ChildOfGod] queenmother4 ty Great news!

 [Peavey] clap queenmother4 cheers



[xyz] The IMF’s dreary report card, Thursday, July 11, 1:55 PM After the U.S. crash in 2008, the role of global engine shifted to the so-called BRIC countries  (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other “emerging-market” nations. Their strong growth offset some weakness in America, Europe and Japan. The new world helped rescue the old.



jdtolle » July 11th, 2013, Truly win

Even when you’re surrounded by dishonesty and indolence, live with honesty and a commitment to excellence. Just because others choose to push themselves down, doesn’t mean you must follow along.

When you encounter rudeness, there’s nothing to be gained by being rude in return. Though no one else may notice or appreciate your polite, respectful response, you will notice, and that’s of great value.

It’s easy to get drawn into useless conflicts about trivial matters. Yet you can always choose a more positive, empowering path.

It’s easy to take offense and then seek to give it back in equal measure. However, you have much better things to do with your time and energy.

Keep yourself committed to truth, excellence and sincerity, no matter what others may do. Live life not by negative provocation, but rather by positive intention.

When you get drawn into a fight, even if you win that fight you’re likely to lose your best options. Instead, find a way to rise above the conflict before it begins, for that is how you truly win.

— Ralph Marston

May All Have a Blessed Evening

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