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[Adam Montana] Morning all! I’ll go ahead and lock the room down for the weekly chat  — ok, we have some great questions this week – so I’m going to get my weekly summary done quickly.

[Adam Montana] First, politics – last week it was looking like Maliki had lost some of his power, but things seem to have swung around to him again. Some say this is bad, some say it’s good… I think it’s good. Here’s why

 One thing we know about Maliki is he is Pro-RV. I believe that his actions over the years have shown us that he is willing to bend the heck out of the rules in order to push Iraq forward. Time and again we have seen him come under fire, but he stays the course and seems to emerge unscathed every time.

He is definitely the “can do” guy there, and when it’s time to pull the trigger on an RV – he is going to be a major factor in the success, and therefore the rate, of a major change in the value of the Dinar

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  [Adam Montana] Speaking of the value of the Dinar, we have seen a MASSIVE amount of reports from the CBI and other sources regarding the intention to redenominate or remove the zeros, and an equally massive amount of articles that contradict that intention.

Well, regardless of what they say… the fact that they are talking so much about it tells us that something is cooking. Like they say, where there’s smoke… there’s fire!

[Adam Montana] And the final hot topic of the week is the HCL. Again, nothing but solid movement on that front. While we haven’t seen “the” major breakthrough we need, it is still moving and that is good.

[Adam Montana] So that brings us to a timeline. We are seeing conflicting reports about a date, but July keeps coming up as the time to introduce new notes. You know what else is special about July? Ramadan starts on or about July 7th this year.

[Adam Montana] Now I say this every year, and the gurus out there always disagree with me, but here is the bottom line: NOTHING significant happens during Ramadan.

[Adam Montana] If the new notes, and most likely the new value, is not introduced before July 7th… then we can count on nothing happening until after August 8th. However, if they decide to push it back that far, that will only complicate everything else that they have made SO MUCH progress on recently… so I think we can be hopeful to see a significant move BEFORE July 7.

[Adam Montana] Now for the questions! Saint, thank you for helping this week :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] by the way, Saint – nice new dress   

[Saint] ALBUNDY What is your opinion about these articles Mr. Adam Montana? Does this sound good to our RV Mr. Adam Montana? Are we close to RV yet Mr. Adam Montana? Thank you very much for your time to elaborate them for us here and have a wonderful day Mr. Adam Montana

1. Central Bank DENIES currency restructuring

2. The security situation is not conducive to the DELETION of ZEROS

3. Kuwaiti Minister: expect exit Iraq from CHAPTER VII next year

4. Iraq Kuwait expects to EXIT IRAQ from CHAPTER VII in 2014: this is what we sought him since the fall of Saddam.

[Adam Montana] Thanks AlBundy. FYI to anyone who wants to get a quick catch-up on a weekly basis, ALBUNDY does a great job of listing important articles in the weekly question thread.

[Adam Montana] Here’s my answer: 1. Smoke. 2. Mirrors. 3. Fluff. 4. More fluff.

 [Saint] adlon Adam: Iraq has been in the news a lot lately, unfortunately the news has to do with sectarian violence, censorship, bombings, etc. I am concerned that if Iraq continues to go down this path, our investment could also “blow-up”. What is your opinion? I know that others like myself, are equally concern over these current events.

[Adam Montana] I’m not sure whether to laugh or groan at the joke there  😆

Honestly – I don’t see anything to worry about. Things are pretty normal in Iraq, for that matter, in the Middle East. We are NEVER going to see a completely peaceful time there. The value of the currency can go up in spite of that :twocents:

 [Saint] RUM Of all the ways one could invest in Iraq, which in your opinion will be the most profitable?

[Adam Montana] RUM, great question. In my opinion – and please understand that there is definitely risk involved – the ISX has the greatest potential of all. Consider how the stocks will be affected when the value of the Dinar rises.

When the economy is suddenly booming, all of those companies will do better and better and better. The profit made off the currency could be great, but the profit made off stocks that are benefitting from the increase could be exponentially great. :twocents:

[Saint] olivesman I’ve read that we should have several C.C.C. letters with us when we go in to exchange our currency to prove or demonstrate that our Dinar were obtained legally. What is your take on this advice?

[Adam Montana] Ah jeez, not that one again. Seriously, some of these people should stick to playing guitar or turning a wrench or commentating on the latest Judge Judy episode. (No offense to Judge Judy*)

[Adam Montana] If your dinar is authentic, you do not need a “proof of purchase” or any other document… no more than if you take an authentic US $100 bill to the bank for change

[Adam Montana] they check if it’s real, give you 5 20’s, and off you go. End of story

 [Saint] abby01 Hi Adam, What are some of your thoughts on the election in Iraq, and how do you see the results effect the big picture for the Dinar investment? Thank you.

[Adam Montana] Hi Abby – I went over that in my summary. Thanks for the question   

 [Saint] countryroads Hi Adam. This is a question I should have asked before, but just stumbled along in blissful ignorance. Would you please tell me what the DFI is. I have seen it but just never bothered to find out just what it was. Thanks

[Adam Montana] countryroads, don’t worry – there’s a lot to learn in this arena.

 [Saint] TomRiddle Article quote: “The parliamentary economic committee plans to pass a bill tariff after the legislative recess, in cooperation with the Finance Committee, according to the Commission, this law will come with positive results to protect the consumer and the merchant and strengthen the country’s economy through the consolidation of taxes.” Your thoughts on how this plays in our timeline?

[Adam Montana] Tom, this is another great question. They talked about adding tarrifs last year, and I believe it was about the same time of year… but I don’t believe it ever went through. Here’s the thing… at the current level of the economy in Iraq, the current average income, the current value of their currency… tariffs and taxes and levies don’t make sense.

 Now, if the value of the dinar went up, or the overall wealth of the country changed for the better… then we have something to talk about. :twocents:

 [Saint] Candy01 Hi Adam, What do you think of the article and link below? Does this mean the DFI protection was extended for another year?? Thanks Much! Candy “Iraqi government requests the U.S. side to renew immunity to Iraqi funds another…. (Article clipped)”

[Adam Montana] Hi Candy. The key word there is “requests”. At this time there is no final word on that for 2013

[Adam Montana] I”m sorry, I just realized I didn’t fully answer the DFI question. In the Dinar world, DFI is usually the Development Fund for Iraq, which is tied directly to EO 13303 which is going to be a big deal here soon. Another acronym you’ll be seeing a lot in the next couple weeks is IMF, which is International Monetary Fund.

 [Saint] Francie26 Adam, I keep reading articles that plans exist for the entire world’s currency to instantly melt down in value to almost nothing and that this shift in value will occur with almost or even no warning at all. I have ignored these articles for a long time, but I can do that no longer.

I have read that this world monetary shift will also cause an instant shift in our currency as well, so that its value would drop precipitously within nano seconds, and that this will instantly create an enormous world-wide “monetary shift” which I don’t understand. Shift to what?

These articles state that, within mere moments our money would no longer have enough value to buy even small amounts of food or other necessities. Articles with this contention appear quite frequently, and I am beginning to feel alarmed about them.

I don’t understand this, don’t know if it is even true, and if so, how it will impact Americans at the grocery store before we can get to a bank and cash in some dinar. And even if we can, what would we cash it into? Is this even true? And if so, is it linked to the RV so the two events would occur simultaneously?

[Adam Montana] Hi Francie. Your question is a bit too complex for a chat like this, but I think I can at least point you in the right direction. If a worldwide meltdown of currency occurs, where our banks and government and regular economy completely breaks down… the things that will be valuable are the material essentials like food and water. Next would be firearms, ammunition, and booze.

Finally, precious metals such as gold and silver seem like they will never be replaced as a coveted and sought after item   That’s just my :twocents: on it.

 [Saint] Tico Adam, thanks for all that you do in this site. I have an interesting set of questions but will start it off like this. I am a coin collector, along those veins we have books that publish quantities of coins minted.

Has anyone been able to dig up research on how many coins and paper money has been printed for Iraq? There has to be a log of this somewhere?

 [Adam Montana] Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question… I would be interested in researching it if you find a source.

 [Saint] SR71_Blackbird Adam…I’ve got a considerable sum riding on this…no more than I can afford to lose but considerable non-the-less. Out of all the ‘things’ that need to happen in order for an RV to take place, please prioritize #’s 1, 2 and 3…in your opinion, of course…and your ‘BEST GUESS’…this year, next year, whenever. THANKS…GREAT JOB…GREAT SIGHT!!

[Adam Montana] 1. HCL 2. Chapter 7 3. Push the button. :twothumbs:

 [Saint] new york kevin Adam: With all this sugar honey and ice tea goin on in Iraq, Iraqi folk sitting on and hoarding their USD, protests over rise in the costs of every day food stuffs all imported, the closing of all but 1 land route for the import of these items from Iraqs neighbors, yes the water ports are still open for imports, maliki’s poor showing on the election results, etc; what does that mean for us who are waiting on an rv? Also, since last week, have you been able to determine when the UNSC is going to meet next to discuss the fate of Iraq and its release from Chapter 7?

[Adam Montana] sugar honey and iced tea 😆 I do not have that date, sorry.

 [Saint] TomRiddle (Article): “Agreed that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday, to pass important laws that have the effect active in resolving the “outstanding issues” between the two parties, such as oil and gas law, and give the security side “of particular importance in all parts of Iraq, as agreed continue meetings to resolve all issues.” Oil & Gas law almost done. Good news or great news, and your thoughts?

[Adam Montana] IMO – GREAT news! Add that to the positive articles we’ve seen this week, and I am really excited for the coming days and weeks.

[Adam Montana] That’s it for this week! Thank you all for your patience, I might have been a little wordy this time. Had an extra shot of oxpresso in the coffee this morning 😆

[Adam Montana] Saint, great job! Thank you for your service this morning   

[EagleEye] Thanks Adam

[Adam Montana] ok, I’m off to my ACTUAL job     have a great day everyone!