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If you are new to the Dinar RV or a Veterian this is the place where you want to start with Dinar Advice. First thing first you are going to want to sign up for our monthly newsletter. We get all kinds of information out there on the net and its our goal to provide you with only the BEST Info out there!!!. Our newsletter letter is designed to weed out all the junk and provide you with what we feel is the most trusted and reliable information out there.

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Check out our Latest Buzz for the most recent social interaction is through Google, Facebook and Twitter. Its important as an onlooker or investor to know what is being said about the Dinar RV since it all can influence the market. We have and continue to work on this “Latest Buzz” and provide you with real-time information as it comes in almost within SECONDS!


Visit our Dinar Recaps page to see our recent articles and posts. While these are not “thoroughly” weeded out yet, we still like to provide our users with this “Raw Data” and let you make your own decisions  It’s important that we will post anything we find here, but not all of it makes the homepage so take it as you will. Its there for your reading pleasure.


Make sure you are prepared. Just like any other investment there are rumors and there are facts. You need to do your homework and know how to weed out the junk. Invest wisely and don’t take anyone’s word as face value (Not even OURS!) Read, asses and make your final decisions based on YOUR homework. We are preparing a crash course article for your reading pleasure soon so check back for that.

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  1. Badrabbit

    Hello to all:) I have been invested for well over 4 years now and consider myself “a seasoned DInar Vet” I have spread the Dinar word far and wide and a few wise friends (and my twin brother) have invested, I look forward to reading all information that I can get my eyes on and appreciate “Okie” very much…Okie may our father the Lord JESUS CHRIST bless you, I say this because I personally know the LORD and follow him, and you OKIE try to help others as our father has done and still does 🙂 after this blessing we need to be careful not to change our beliefs or our ways jmt (just my thoughts).


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