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Our Post RV page is designed for after the RV happens. We will post all the information as we get it right here so you can stay up to date with all the latest information regarding the Revaluation.


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  • Bella Batali
  • Bella Batali

    here’s a list of what dinar sellers are buying from us at today…

  • Bella Batali
  • Vicente Galindo

    As stated by several Gurus hereto there are two roads that can be formed/ created by the actions and determining the RV of the Dinar against the Dollar….I am going to provide a logical identification of dominant factors that will control the outcome:
    a) USA is a tight spot for its assets are at question…that is many funds in the past were created out of speculation and though this is permitted a next economic roll over would required under the new GCR that bills have backing…well what a problem to have…no panic we got many young currencies that are coming to the surface Dong, Dinar, ect….I believe they call it Hedging…those countries have under sovereign guarantees to exchange with USA – at what rate??? Well i tell you folks the higher the better…that allows USA dollar for a Consequential Existence after the exchange to go and buy REAL ASSETS LIKE GOLD!!! PROBLEM SOLVED RIGHT????
    b) The “Chaparal” Group – Negative Luminati – have too much in dollars invested Worldwide….not enough time for them to withdraw before World Reset!!! that is why you might see a indirect and intelligent delay in the process!!!
    The battle is clear – The public to obtain direct benefit to exchanging (edging) from Currencies that are gold backed and or The Rich-Dollar invested looking for time to exchange ….
    Well Folks I believe the most powerful will win and in the case Sorry Luiminati…The public controls you-you don’t control us!!! it is you has decided to separate yourself from reality…The Public will enjoy at soon the benefits of the exchange.

  • Vicente Galindo

    Show The True Face of Your Intentions: THIS IS A NO FAIL AND POWERFUL TOOL TO WIN THE MASSES OF IRAQ AND THE REST OF THE WORLD!!! Iraq best interest is to:
    a) support a high value Dinar to Exchange with USA – Why??? well simple it supports a strong and high volumetric exchange of a currency that has high circulation with one that is Top World Fraud and High Index value. This not only help Iraq take off in World Markets due to its open and clear transparent true value to its currency and secondly it would create a high inertia to the USD long enough to open the Opportunity tu USA build higher Gold Reserves….it needs to to battle obvious index gold weights by China, and many other gold back currencies.

    b) THE MOST POWERFUL POINT – it clearly expresses the ability for Iraq establish a point that hardly anyone and any other country has ever established to its public to its citizens to the World Masses: IT RESPECTS AND PROTECTS THE ESSENCE OF EQUITY OF ITS SOVEREIGN GOLD RESERVES TO BE USED OPENLY IN A TRACK-ABLE MATTER FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL!!!! LAST I CHECKED THAT IS CALLED REPUBLIC, FREEDOM, WEALTH TO ALL.

  • Vicente Galindo

    Being and American and knowing my Government very well and unfortunately controlled largely by many folks that are mostly against the Dinar Reset to a much higher value, I say:
    The Reset won’t happen unless the Brics make the move to push for Global Reset against the Dollar…this will cause the Dollar to panic and run for Hedging against the Dinar to maintain the current Circulation and Exchange numbers that back our USD fiat….I think honestly that is the way it will have to happen….These perverted leaders we have in USA are not thinking clear – ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA IS GOING TO GO ON THE SIDE OF CHINESE AND FOR THE RESET…WE ARE GOING TO LOOSE THAT MARKET TO USA DUE TO THE GREED OF OUR LEADERS. Nobody can be controlled forever only temporary….