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Dinar Guru
Dinar Guru

The Dinar Guru started in 2011 with a strong sense of where the Iraqi Dinar was going. They have pioneered many of the forms of the way we communicate about the Dinar and have constant Twitter and Facebook feeds to give you the latest info quickly and easily. While some of their stuff has seem far fetched at time, there is still plenty of good that comes from them to make them a valuable source.

They have a daily email that goes out that you can join as well that gives you the latest with whats going on. Along with that there is another email list you can join that is a post RV thing which basically will inform you when the RV happens. Lets hope it does so we can all carry on.

“Blanch” which is the founder of Dinar Guru has expressed herself in many of her emails that I have gotten. The only thing about her that bugs me a bit is the constant ads in her emails. She seems more interested in money than anything else.

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  1. Steve Magill

    I checked out tony’s CC recording. this guy is one dump ass. doesn’t have a clue about anything. I think he reads off a script. and when someone asked him a good question he had to think or wait for 20 sec. for someone to up date the script because folks he is one clues MF. I guess that’s why he’s a GURU.

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