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Parliamentary Finance calling on the government to implement the customs tariff

The Iraqi ports Directorate, on Saturday, for a reduction of trade movement and the movement of ports after the application of the customs tariff law in the southern ports. With denied management of border crossings Directorate of points obtaining tariff in the exits of the region, the Finance Committee in the Parliament refused to obey the dealers and excluded from the law, calling for the application of “justice,” according to the General Budget Law. A member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Jabbar Abdul-Khaliq said in an interview to ( long-Presse) that “the financial budget for the year 2016 law requiring the application of the customs tariff law in all border crossing points, including in the Kurdistan region.” said Abdul Khaleq that “Our information confirms the establishment of checkpoints at the exits of the Kurdistan region towards the center to check goods entering papers and make sure that they satisfy customs tariff or complete and through those points, “attributing the delay the application of the customs tariff, which was issued four years ago during the last term to law” not applied in a fair and limiting implemented on other areas without. ” Member of the Finance Committee promised that “it is not possible that the government comply with the dealers who baptized each time to put pressure on the government to exclude them from customs duties,” expressing his support of the Finance Committee “to apply the law of customs tariff in all border crossing points, without exception.” For his part, Director inform the Iraqi ports Anmar net in an interview to the (long-Presse) that “the application of customs tariff in the southern ports without the Kurdistan region of outlets impact on the movement of goods in the ports of South and ports,” explaining that “the majority of traders will resort to the Kurdistan outlets in the event of the application of law in the southern ports Only, and this is what happened in previous times. “net and called for” justice in the application of law in all the country’s ports, “warning of” affected by the Iraqi ports movement and smooth movement of goods in the absence of application of the law in a fair “. net” The traders reluctant apply the payment of customs duties pending the government decision to cancel the procedures so that they can lay their goods at ports, “noting that” this stop negatively impact on the movement of goods at ports and blocked the possibility of receiving new vessels. “He denied media of Iraqi ports,” Director of the existence of the accumulation of goods at the ports “, stressing that “the commercial traffic in the ports are no longer as before after the application of the customs tariff law, which is committed by a small number of traders as traders luxury materials and simple goods.” In turn, the director general of the Interior Ministry’s border crossings, Major General Sami Sudanese said in an interview to the (long-Presse) “The Directorate began to apply the law of customs tariff at all border ports in the south and center of the date of the 16th of January of this, except for the outside of the Kurdistan region of our control.” Sudanese added that “any goods will not be allowed to pass in the absence of customs such fees are met,” he “The points that have been installed at the exits of the region toward the center is affiliated to the Directorate, and managed by a subsidiary of the leadership of the border Customs Directorate of Police, in coordination with those of the provincial police headquarters.” The Iraqi Council of Ministers in the, decided, (13 December 2015) the introduction of points in the approved border crossing points shall check and make sure customs tariff are met, and the development of standardization points of quality control. The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday the (6 August 2015), the postponement of the introduction of new customs tariff, attributing this to ensure the readiness of border crossing points to be applied away from the “corruption and double standards.” The customs tariff is a tax levied on goods imported by the State on the other, and used several customs tariff countries to protect the industry from foreign competition by raising prices of imported goods, so the customs tariff encourage local industries to increase their production, Citizens are forced to pay higher prices if they wish to imported goods, and adopted the Ministry of Finance fees new Kmarkip on imported goods, and this procedure has raised mixed reactions acts among economists, investors and traders in the area of its effect on the reduction of the entry of imported goods and high prices.


Kirkuk Oil Flowing, but Locals Never See Any Money

The province of Kirkuk exports millions of barrels of oil per month. But nobody knows where the money is going – and as a result, local protesters say they will try to stop oil exports soon.

The northern city of Kirkuk and its surrounds are well known for their oil producing abilities. And locals know that thousands of barrels of oil are being extracted and exported from their area. But nobody seems to be seeing any kind of revenues from that oil.

The Kirkuk authorities say they have received none of Iraq’s “petrodollars” for almost two and a half years.

This is how the system should work: An agreement between Baghdad and the semi-autonomous northern region of Iraqi Kurdistan says that the Kurdish should send their oil, and the oil from Kirkuk, through the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, which transports crude from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey.

Revenues from these exports are supposed to go to Iraq’s central State Organization for Marketing of Oil, or SOMO, and from there it should be distributed back to Iraqi Kurdistan and other provinces, as a portion of the federal budget. In Iraqi Kurdistan’s case it is supposed to be 17 percent of the federal budget.

However this has not been happening in the agreed upon way for some time now.

“Kirkuk isn’t receiving its fair share because of the ongoing conflicts between Erbil and Baghdad,” says Ahmed al-Askari, a Kurdish member of the provincial council in Kirkuk who also heads the council’s oil and gas committee.

“We are not happy about this or about the Iraqi Kurdish policies on this. We don’t know how much oil is being exported and we know that Baghdad isn’t giving Kirkuk its rightful share of the federal budget. For some of 2013 and all of 2014 Baghdad didn’t send us any money. In 2015 Kirkuk’s oil was sold directly by the Iraqi Kurdish government. Neither group of authorities is telling us who has our oil money,” he complains.


What’s next for Anbar?

The city of Ramadi was liberated on Dec. 28, and Iraqi security troops accompanied by the Tribal Mobilization Forces, which are affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Units, advanced toward the remaining cities of Anbar province that were overrun by the Islamic State (IS) in May 2015.

Despite this, fears remain that political and tribal conflicts would erupt as a result of the sharp divisions that exist between the various components of the province, leading to some political factions warning about the futility of liberating cities without instituting a plan for the post-military operations phase.

Other pressing problems exist, the solutions to which require reaching political understandings and agreements between tribes and forces with influence on the ground. These issues include the fate of volunteer tribesmen, the reconstruction of the province and the return of refugees.

As proof of these problems, political disagreements have already taken shape. Local Anbar government member Mezher al-Mulla told Al-Monitor, “Some political blocs are trying to fish in troubled waters by demanding the dissolution of the Anbar provincial council [and the holding of elections for a new provincial council] with the aim of attaining posts that they failed to reach through [past] elections.”


Tman says Iraq is moving forward.

tman23 Certainly the news provides evidence that Iraq is moving forward in a positive way for change. That being said…the rate change that leads to 3 zero IQD notes being worth tens of thousands in foreign exchange is still only speculation …AND we have no MORE PROOF TODAY then we had 5 years ago that the 3 zero notes will be worth tens of thousands of dollars in exchange… What we have is speculator opinion and hope… And the only change we see so far regarding IQD is the rate going from 1166 to 1180 (devaluing) and the introduction of a 50,000 note into circulation.


Millionday talks about changes on the CBI website.



Barzani, Governor of Nineveh Discuss Preparations To Liberate Mosul

Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan province discussed with the governor of Nineveh Nofal Hammadi preparations for the process of liberalization of Mosul.

The two sides stressed, during the meeting, according to a statement of the Presidency of the Kurdistan, on the need to take into account the demographic situation of the province of Nineveh, and take required measures to the post-liberalization stage to ensure the stability of the population of this province to the non-recurrence of previous problems and disasters suffered by the province.

The statement added that “The two sides also discussed the political and security situation in the region and the situation in the fighting fronts in Iraq, adding that the governor expressed his appreciation for Barzani in his leadership of the war against the terrorist elements of Daash, and resolution of the problems of most of the components of Iraq ./ End


Basra Calls For National and International Oil Companies to Participate in Basra International Exhibition

The head of the oil and gas Commission in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Faris called on the national and international oil companies, major and minor to participate in the oil and gas exhibition planned on 3 February 2016 on the land of the city of exhibitions in Maaqal area.

Faris said in a press statement that” the Basra Governorate Council approved the establishment of the sixth annual exhibition of oil and gas in Basra on 3 February 2016 for three days.

He added, “The exhibition will witness some of the activities, conferences and presentations for the entire services and products related to oil and gas, and discuss ways of developing them as well as providing plans and programs that ensure its future development.

Faris stressed the need for the participation of major national and international oil companies, contracting with it by minor contracts and submit proposals to improve the production, processing and liquidation of oil and gas. / End


Barzani’s political party accused of blowing up a gas pipeline between Kirkuk and Arbil

Accused a member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament from the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Nazim Harki, politicians of being behind the bombing of the gas transmission pipeline that extends to Arbil.
Said Harki, in a press statement, “I got the information about the bombing of the tube gas transmission area between the provinces of Kirkuk and Arbil, but I will not reveal any details to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and all I can say now is that the internal political hand behind it.”
He said Harki, a Vice President of the interior and security committee in the Kurdish parliament that “Daash can not have access to that area.”
the interior ministry of the Kurdistan region, announced yesterday, that “the gas pipeline extending to Arbil, exploded near Xuan hand, and we have opened an investigation into the cause of the explosion, and we will inform citizens with information more case to reach results. “
for his part, the province and district police chief in Kirkuk, Brigadier Sarhad Qadir, in a press statement,” exploded on Friday morning [yesterday] gas pipeline between Qadir Karam – Arbil, “noting that” the effect of the pipe burst, a fire broke out large, but was brought under control by the fire brigade. “
he is able” to Alan did not know the cause of the pipeline explosion, and we started an investigation about it, “.anthy

Allawi movement declares its refusal to divide Iraq projects

The Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi announced the rejection of the projects division, which prepares her some politicians.
And Thal statement of the movement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “dreamers dividing Iraq and tearing the social fabric coherent throughout history firing between Aharin and the other wishes diseased, which received a satisfaction acquiescent politicians chance Almuturan Almabian hatred of this country, which has long triumphed over his enemies.”
He added , that all Iraqis, all the spectrum, in the uttermost parts of the country and Odaneha, have expressed their adherence to the unity of their homeland, through slogans that echoed the throats of protesters in the political sectarianism, which represented a dagger in the side of Iraq’s refusal, and the fight against corruption and the emergence of the civil state, and after uniting speech religious authorities with a letter mainstream civil on the pace of the will of the masses reject the division, discrimination and corruption, after all of this, and following a clear victory on Daash terrorist demolished by our heroic armed forces and our gallant, we looked some dissonant voices that talk about dividing Iraq into three or four Konfadragliat built on the foundations of sectarian and confessional as a proposal guardianship by trying on the country to him and jump on the will of the people passed the unity of all time. “
the statement added that” this proposal is divisive, whether true or not true, the reality of the experiment proved that the safety of the Iraqis in their unity, and that promises a better future outside Iraq’s unity is not only slides for more strife and destruction, and corruption. “
He continued,” the division projects to Atdaf parts of Iraq, but it is meddling in disputes over land and borders, wealth, water and the problems of demography and external debt sustainability and others and extend the life of contention and conflict. “
declared the movement, according to the statement, rejected all plans outside amendment crumbling political process paths, and we call on all political forces to announce its position on this project, and also declare that we will deal with all means and plans for the division of Iraq under any labels to the unwillingness of Iraq’s unity in a federal democratic state, its people and its wealth, “.anthy

Salhi denies determine presidencies and representatives of blocs meeting a time limit to pass

The Turkmen Front chairman Arshad Salhi denied determine the three presidencies and heads and representatives of blocs meeting a time limit for the adoption of important laws.
He told all of Iraq [where], “The meeting, which was held last Msaoualkhamis, did not specify a time limit for the adoption of important laws, but it was agreed that there should be a parliamentary committee mini to follow some troubled laws, such as the Federation Council Act, amnesty and National Guard and shorten discussions with them for approval. “
said Salhi, he was” raised in the meeting at the President Fuad Masum, the next meeting includes the issue of Kirkuk and the granting of powers to the province and the assassinations of senior figures in Kirkuk’s oil company, who do not know until now from Agtalem. “
the three presidencies and the leaders of the heads of blocs political, met on Thursday evening, and issued several decisions, including the allocation of a fund for displaced people and to provide a grant for the returnees to their areas, and create an atmosphere for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil, as well as agreement on the fight against corruption and reduce the budget deficit, and agreed to vote on the military in the House of Representatives leaders, and the completion of reforms , as well as the formation of a committee to pass important laws National Kahars according to a specific timetable, according to a statement the meeting “.anthy 2