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“It’s done; we’re waiting on the reveal.”

DC:   ALL our contacts in Parliament say that everything has been voted on four times! They are frustrated that they keep running it on television when the people in the chamber say that it’s been settled! That’s the kind of intel we’ve had all this week. Many have said “It’s done; we’re waiting on the reveal.” The public announcements and the budget would be nice to have lined up, but not essential to the release of the RV. Our understanding is that all technical issues have been resolved and they are ready to pull the trigger. They tried to put it out last Friday and they had a painful technical issue that they didn’t expect.

So now we are in the same place we were in last Friday, with everyone ready and telling the CBI to get it done by a certain date. The CBI has been testing the system, and tentative celebrations are planned for Saturday night and Sunday night. There are dignitaries in Baghdad, and there are international teams helping the CBI now. The banks are ready and all their staff are cued up to work at the weekend if needed. Security, call center and exchange centers are all set up across the US. Banks have been put on alert, and they have alerted their staff. Everything is planned again and ready to go. There is a lot of pressure both inside and outside to get this done correctly and quickly.

Memphis Comments On  Russia & US Conflict

Friday at 6:03 PM  From Memphis – Emailed To Recaps

This latest blog from Brandon Smith hits several important points at the global, big picture, level.  He is one of the few sources that I have stumbled upon who seem to continually ‘get it right’ in their level of ‘understanding’, their perspective.

However, for him to have a perspective that closely matches mine does not form a thesis, for opinions mean nothing!  It falls to the individual to sort out their own opinions and so I simply submit that the following should not be ignored or dismissed without a careful review.
The discussion for the news source RT (Russia Today) is quite needed.  I watch them on occasion to seek out information on a particular news topic but perhaps the most insightful point to illuminate is this quote:

“[RT] is effective mainly because most of what it reports is absolutely true.  What it does NOT report is where we must focus. This might be confusing unless you grasp how false paradigms work.

The conflict dynamic between the U.S. and Russia is no more real than the conflict dynamic between Democrats and Republicans. If you understand that this time around, America is scripted to lose its pro-wrestling match with Russia, everything else comes into focus…”

I believe that what is NOT reported in mainstream news is the most overlooked (unappreciated) problem that we face in our increasingly Orwellian society.  Do you recall earlier this year (8-10 months ago) a major female news anchor for RT suddenly resigned her post?  The lady quit her high paying, high profile job for what reason?  Anyone remember?  

She could not longer tolerate the hypocrisy, the half-truths AND, the truths that were not ever spoken of.  In short, she still had a conscience and her act of courage, of conviction gave us a glimpse into the reality of how manipulated our news is.  We should never forget such things as we will quickly be found wandering on some crooked path!

To account for the gaping holes in what we are told, the news that never becomes news, requires vigilance on our part and a keen mind.  If pursued daily, this challenge will do nothing but sharpen our minds and following discussions such as I am providing today from Brandon can become the spark that leads us to such discoveries.

At the risk of minimizing the value of some of Brandon’s excellent thoughts here I want to quickly pull out a couple of points that are noteworthy:

“International elites have long seen advantages in pitting two seemingly opposed societies or ideologies against each other while playing both sides of the chessboard to direct events towards a predetermined and desired outcome…

If you really want to understand the past, or the intricacies of war, you will be lost unless you accept that most conflicts are designed; they are not random or natural.”

The world’s attention is on the threat(s) of war that abound (if the channel even gets turned from the current ball game) and the mass panic surrounding the threat of Ebola (wow is there is story developing there) but what most fail to see happening (behind the curtain) is the transition of power, of industry, from west to east.  

One small example:  Yesterday Bloomberg reported that Exxon has been granted an extension (a waiver) by the US gov’t to continue business with Russia.  What is actually happening here tho is that Russia is winning the rights to the vast oil reserves in the Arctic!  
The great rush to explore and profit from this huge resource is never mentioned in mainstream news and Exxon’s waiver is only to afford them the opportunity to withdraw their resources as Russia’s Gazprom will take over this multi billion dollar venture.  [The story in the Arctic is a big one and this is but a snapshot]

Are we to then blame our current administration for their short sightedness in placing such damaging sanctions or is this rather a piece on the big game board, being moved by design to facilitate and even accelerate the transfer?  

This is but one example of the discovery that awaits us if we simply question what is NOT being reported.  Such insights serve to help answer the biggest questions such as the long term opportunities that the world will present.  Where they will be and, where they will not be, as this quote points to:

“The conflict dynamic between the U.S. and Russia is no more real than the conflict dynamic between Democrats and Republicans. If you understand that this time around, America is scripted to lose its pro-wrestling match with Russia, everything else comes into focus.”

We are so programmed into thinking that there are truly good guys and bad guys in all matters that the struggle to be free from this dialectic and see things as they truly are is impossible for most.  If my blogs have helped even a few to guard against this thinking in the days ahead then I reckon it has been time well spent.

I have already spent more time pointing here than planned.  If any thoughts or questions are generated while reading this blog feel free to send them as I love reading other’s thoughts and also to offer my own in reply to your questions.

If enough come in justify, I will send out a “questions and answers” type email to the whole group vs. my usual personal replies.  

Blessings,  Memphis

p.s. if you caught the posts by Nova and myself at KTFA on Wednesday and wondered if I have any further thoughts along the lines of the release of several years of year ending financials to the Iraqi parliament?  I have many but would simply add here that we do not open our mouths unless we have confidence in that which we are seeing.  

The internet world is a strange one where no one knows anyone and so why should ANYONE place value in what two strange (and possibly stupid) men have to say? 

This hurdle cannot be overcome and among all the noise and TRULLY reckless (and ignorant) comments out there, it is a small wonder that anyone can see the value in anything!  

I have often commented that I try to surround myself with people smarter than myself and having come to know “Nova” quite well, can say without reservation that the man has a sharp mind and knows his business.     

On Wednesday he called it a big BIG deal…..because it is.  

He did not have to convince me on this point.  We each saw the value in it immediately and confirmed this by phone before most of you were even out of the bed!  My 1st text message from him came at 5:18am that day!

The dinar world (as a whole) totally missed the significance of the event EVEN AFTER we took time to carefully point to it!  On Dinar Recaps, who published my post, it got no attention, no discussion at all.  

When I took time to call in to speak with Phoenix on his internet radio show the week al-Abaidi was nominated for PM (Wed Aug13 to be precise) he actually argued with me a bit!  I was trying to point for people, and show that this was EVIDENCE, that the man had been ‘picked’ for the job and Phoenix kept coming back to Maliki and that he was not yet out of contention.  

It is so hard for us to let go and embrace new information as we hold on so tightly to our perceptions.  Tho I am a bit weary from contending, I simply want the readers here to recognize that the EVIDENCE is pointing to the reality that Iraq is now serious.  The value is there, we pointed to it, and it is further EVIDENCE that the CBI is expecting a phone call in the days ahead. 

They have a script guys and I believe most of it has already been acted upon.    Memphis out…

When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding “The Enemy”

Wednesday, 17 September 2014   Brandon Smith


In modern times, war is never what it seems. Mainstream historians preach endlessly about grand conflicts over territory, resources, political impasse, and revenge, but the cold hard reality is that all of these “motivations” are actually secondary, if they are relevant at all.

As I and many analysts have covered in great detail in the past, most wars are engineered wars. International elites have long seen advantages in pitting two seemingly opposed societies or ideologies against each other while playing both sides of the chessboard to direct events towards a predetermined and desired outcome.

This is undeniable historical fact. If you really want to understand the past, or the intricacies of war, you will be lost unless you accept that most conflicts are designed; they are not random or natural.

They are not extensions of man’s mere greed or ignorance. They are not products of resource scarcity (a common and overly simplistic misconception used to mislead activists).

They are not inevitable developments of “overcomplexity” according to the Rand Corporation’s “linchpin theory”propaganda. They are not the product of too much national sovereignty or individual liberty.

No; traditional war is a tool for the organized ruling class. It always has been and always will be. This tool is used to turn the world into a vast petri dish, a bubbling beaker in a laboratory where social engineers hope to destroy the “old” to create something “new”.

At its most paramount of purposes, the despair and terror of war is intended to change the fundamental collective unconscious of nations and populations. It is meant to change our beliefs, our morals, our principles. It is meant to mutate us into something else, something malleable and terrible, something we would not normally recognize.

As we continue into the latter quarter of 2014, exactly 100 years after the first world war, I see much evidence to suggest we are headed for yet another engineered conflagration. It may be a war of terrorism and attrition between the U.S. and ISIS (an insurgency funded and trained by Western covert agencies).

It may be a war of economic escalation between the West and the East (even though Russia is just as much a pawn of international banks like Goldman Sachs as any country in the West).

Or, we may see all out global holocaust depending on the level of desperation and insecurity amongst the elites.

What each liberty movement proponent, constitutionalist, and freedom fighter around the world needs to understand is that while we will be told that the enemy is Muslim extremism, or Russian aggression, or eastern economic subversion, the real target will be YOU.

The advantages of war at this time would be immense to the globalist establishment, but the primary function will be the ability to co-opt, demonize, and/or wipe out legitimate opposition during the fog and confusion.

If you have ever noticed that each consecutive presidential administration seems progressively more hell-bent than the last to sabotage our infrastructure and push us towards endless confrontation, you might want to ponder the possibility that the New World Order does not end with the fall of the American empire – it BEGINS with the fall of the American empire.

Imagine a war in which a tangible and immediate threat is presented against the U.S. Not a CNN covered carpet bombing campaign in some poverty stricken hole on the other side of the world, but a real war right on our very own doorstep.

Now, consider how this would psychologically affect the general public, and twist the principles of the average person. Imagine the kinds of morally relative impasses people would be willing to accept when they are truly afraid. Imagine what they would sacrifice to quell that fear. Imagine who they would sacrifice.

In such an environment, the concepts of free speech and personal dissent are rarely respected.

In war, dissent is often labeled treason, and free speech is labeled a peacetime privilege. The truth becomes a nuisance, or even a threat to the endurance of the state and by extension the collective.

The same argument always arises – the argument that the survival of the group outweighs any disagreement the individual may have with the objectives of the group’s leadership. In turn, calls for “unification” reach a religious fervor, regardless of whose benefit this unification ultimately serves.

In the meantime, those who were tolerated as activists now become enemies of the state simply for doing what they have always done. The propaganda is already being put in place to assure the liberty movement is caught in the crossfire between the East and West.

For years I have been warning readers about the false East/West paradigm and the directed build up to conflict with Russia and China with the goal of creating a rational historical narrative by which the dollar could be supplanted as the world reserve currency to make way for a long planned basket currency system under the control of the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements.

During the crisis, Americans blame the East for the implosion of the dollar system rather than international and central bankers (the true culprits), and chaos ensues as the masses turn on each other while the elites sit back in relative comfort, letting us destroy each other.

Another aspect of this plan, I believe, involves the hijacking of the image of the liberty movement. The liberty movement is essentially the most dangerous unknown element on the elite’s global chessboard.

In fact, because we understand that international financiers and central bankers are the real enemy, we have the ability to leave the chessboard entirely and play by our own rules. Widespread economic or military conflict provides an opportunity to neutralize liberty activists who might turn revolutionary.

Recently, I came across an article from ‘The Atlantic’ titled ‘Russia And The Menace Of Unreality’. Now, some alternative analysts would read this article and immediately shrug it off as yet another attempt by the Western media machine to propagandize against Russia.

Though their motivations are genuine, these analysts would be cementing the delusion that Russia is the “good guy” and the U.S. is the ever present “bad guy”. The Atlantic piece is a far more intricate manipulation than they would be giving credit for.

In the past I have pointed out that Russian government funded media outlet RT in particular is in fact an ingenious psy-op, not only run by the Russian government as The Atlantic asserts, but influenced by the globalist establishment.

It is effective mainly because most of what it reports is absolutely true.  What it does NOT report is where we must focus. This might be confusing unless you grasp how false paradigms work.

The conflict dynamic between the U.S. and Russia is no more real than the conflict dynamic between Democrats and Republicans. If you understand that this time around, America is scripted to lose its pro-wrestling match with Russia, everything else comes into focus. As far as RT is concerned, here’s the problem:

1) First, RT is relentless in its coverage of corruption within Western governments, but rarely if ever reports anything negative on the Russian establishment. I’m sorry, but Russia’s economic policy is dominated by central bankers who are advised directly by Goldman Sachs and who are avid members of the IMF and the BIS.

 The RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund), manages billions in investments in Russia, works closely with Goldman Sachs, and the managing director of this institution is former IMF head and SDR advocate Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Vladimir Putin has openly called for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket currency to replace the dollar, demanded that Ukraine take loans from the IMF denominated in SDR’s, and has a long time friendship with Mr. NWO himself, Henry Kissinger.

The only “conflict” Russia has expressed with the globalists at the IMF is that it wishes to be more fully included in the SDR basket system, which has been the planned intention of the IMF anyway. All of this, and RT doesn’t have any hard questions about the loyalties of its own government?

2) Second, the fact based reporting of RT, at least when it comes to the Western side of the globalist establishment, mimics the alternative journalism growing in popularity in the the U.S. At bottom, RT is a newcomer to the world of independent news analysis, but it is ultimately NOT independent, and most of what they do amounts to little more than regurgitated content from more original and insightful Western independent media sources.

The Atlantic article above, very cleverly, makes it sound as if it is we witless writers in America who are getting all our info and inspiration from RT. And this is where we begin to see the true nature of the psy-op…

3) Third, because RT mimics our independent media so well, it appeals greatly to a large percentage of liberty movement activists, who tend to forget or are simply unaware that Russia is as much a part of the problem as our own government.

There are many liberty proponents who will angrily defend Russia and RT without question simply because RT “speaks their language”, so Russia must be on their side.

This was not as pressing an issue two years ago, when conflict with Russia was a ridiculous notion for many people. But today, conflict with Russia, at the very least on an economic scale, is an inevitability.

 If you read in full the linked Atlantic article, the narrative that is being constructed is clear – the establishment hopes to rewrite the history and image of the liberty movement by painting us as dupes radicalized by Russian propaganda, rather than being the originators of our own grassroots movement with our own philosophy and methodology.

Through this, they take away our ownership of our own cause.

Also, by blindly supporting Russia or the Russian government without considering their participation in the globalist run crisis, liberty activists help reinforce the soon-to-be manufactured lie that we are nothing but puppets of the Putin regime.

If we publicly question the intentions of the Russian government as much as we question our own government, we can help to defuse this lie before it can take hold.

How the mainstream views us or portrays us is not as important as how we view and present ourselves. If we become starry-eyed cheerleaders for Russia, we will lose our sovereign identity as a self motivated counter-movement to the NWO.

If you believe like I do that a second American revolution is coming, identity means everything, and it should not be cast aside lightly. Mark my words, one day our activism will be deemed treason, and our rebellion will be marginalized as a servant satellite astro-turf movement organized by Russian interests.

We can’t prevent how they will label us, but we can make it clear now that we work for NO government, by refusing to disregard the trespasses of any government, even those who appear to support our position.

Tied closely to the Russian issue, the liberty movement also has the return of the “White Al-Qaeda” meme to look forward to. I have seen a tidal wave of mainstream news stories lately preaching the horrors of a white middle-class America secretly swarming to the Syrian border to join ISIS.

The narrative is setting the stage for false flag terrorism, to be sure, but it is also injecting the theme that anyone who is anti-establishment could be a terrorist.

Not an American bred “terrorist” with his own American-centric ideology fighting against what he sees as a despotic government, but a mercenary extremist desperate for any cause, latching onto the concept of Muslim caliphate because he is bewildered, angry, or insane.

In this way, the elites hope to kidnap the liberty culture’s identity, rewriting us into their theater not even as “misguided” freedom fighters, but rather, as pawns of a foreign cabal.

Many people could be convinced to join a fight by Americans for Americans, no matter how the mainstream portrays our character. But, no one wants to join a group of traitors and sellouts fighting for theocratic Muslim monsters, or covert Russian agencies after the East is blamed for the collapse of the dollar.

The complete erasing and rewriting of a movement’s identity through false association is advanced 4th generation warfare, and it can only be accomplished in the midst of overwhelming catastrophe.

The masses have to be so afraid they begin to lose memory of what life was like before, let alone who stood for what cause.

The public is already quite familiar with the idea that governments buy revolutionaries and create rebellions, just as our government has done in Syria. Why wouldn’t they believe that the Liberty Movement’s rebellion is also actually bought and paid for by some outside enemy, rather than real Americans battling for real freedom?

This examination is not meant to undermine the positive accomplishments made so far by liberty advocates. We have come a long way. 

 However, if we underestimate or oversimplify the task we have ahead of us, or the well calculated strategies of the internationalists, then we are destined to fall into the trap of becoming yet another element of another false paradigm ourselves, and we will lose.

This is a war on all fronts; informational, emotional, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and physical. It goes well beyond any war ever fought in generations past. If individuals and the activist movement at large do not have the insight and courage to commit fully to combat on every level, they should throw in their bug-out bags and give up now. If they do have the courage, then it is surely time to begin…  

You can contact Brandon Smith at:

Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

Frank26: “She Will Be There At The End!”

Frank26:   Hmmm………….. I was having TINK type a BLUE POST for You KTFA Family ………. Then it hit me.

Our TEAMS have too much to share and I would only serve them an injustice if I butchered up our work with ……… Emotions right now.

So I took over……….. This is what I should say instead for now.

If You look at Your notes You will find buried in them a quote from me originating 3 years ago:



Because she has some audit reports to wipe out the GOI’s pass.

Let’s just say DADDY is willing to Forgive and Forget in order to go ………. Forward.

ONLY ……… DADDY …….. Can give them ARTICLE 8 and an IR for their Future as a country.

She was to bring it at ……… THE END.

Three years ago when I started to shout this to the internet world that laughed at my suggestion ………. I kept silent.

Three years ago ……. What was she?

Secretary of State.


You mean like back to the 90′s Frank26?


Ah????????? …….. John Kerry.


What is he?

You mean John Kerry?


Ah……… Secretary of State.

The DELTA and ITEAM and I only have TWO things to say to THE INTERNET:

TA DA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sr and Jr are like The USA Troops.

They did ALL the WORK.

But had to give All the Credit to o and Iraqi Army.

Before I go ……….. Why is September 21/22 so very important to us investors of the IQD?

Because it is before the 1st of October………..

Take care ……. Aloha ….

KTFA,   Frank



I do not normally do this KTFA FAMILY but………. I wish to express that it is important for You to read my last postings on our last thread.

Wink.     Love You ……. Very much.


BTW …….. Don’t tell anyone but we ……. The USA is making Iraq INTERNATIONAL.



It is an Honor to see You post Friend.

I pray not to fall to pieces before the pieces come together by Oct 1st.



Indeed Friend …….. I have plans of inviting him (Eagle1) for this M’s CC.

Based on what is occurring with the USD …….. And many currencies being pegged to it …….. It would behoove us to bring in E1.

I seek a way to share a file number (time frame) with our KTFA Family that is for an IR.(International Rate)


Frank26:  I really like that the GOI has settled almost all of their debt with DINARS!

I especially now like that they are auditing and clearing THEIR OWN DEBT NOW!

KTFA, Frank

Stryker says setbacks are coming.

Stryker we will experience a few more setbacks before the CBI will be ready to pull the Monetary Reform Button because the political situation must be right and until then things like the budget will not get passed. It will happen though but not until the Kurds get all their demands completed, ministers get sworn in and the Kurds start voting in the parliament process. The deal seems to be completed on their oil agreement, close on Article 140 and the rest will follow nicely. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will Iraq.


Kurdish President Urges World to Help Syrian Kurds against IS Attacks

President of the Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani called on Kurdish parties and the international community today to assist the people of Kobane against the Islamic State (IS) attacks on the town.

“We appeal to all Kurdish forces to put aside their differences and unite to defend the dignity, the land and the lives of the citizens of Kobane,” Barzani said in a statement. “The defense of the land and the people of Kurdistan is the duty of all of us and would override all other duties,”

Barzani warned that inaction would lead to terrible consequences and he called on the international community to prevent another humanitarian crisis.

“We also appeal to the international community to take urgent and necessary measures to protect people and Kobane in Western Kurdistan from terrorists wherever they are, because they will not hesitate to commit crimes and atrocities,” said Barzani in a statement published by the president’s office in Erbil.

Kobane, one of three autonomous cantons of Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) is under attack and heavy shelling from IS militants.

Hundreds of civilians are reported to have fled to safer areas while the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) are fighting back the Islamist attack on many fronts.

Barzani’s statement on Friday described the IS attack as a broader attack on Kurds in the region, saying, “The brutality of these attacks on Kobane and western Kurdistan is a threat against the people of Kurdistan as a whole, targeting the dignity and the honor and the existence of our people.”

On Thursday, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) appealed to Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan, particularly the Kurdish areas of Turkey to join the fight in Kobane and repel the IS attacks.

Meantime, Mustafa Farhat, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told Rudaw that a large force is on the way to Kobane to help the Kurdish forces there.

“A Large number of FSA set off to Kobane from Aleppo to support the people of Kobane in their confrontation against the IS militants,” said Farhat.

“The balance of power will change by tomorrow,” he said.

The YPG has successfully held its lines against extremist groups for the past two years, but the latest IS attack on Kobane appears to be the most severe.

Also on Friday, Syria’s Minister of National Reconciliation Ali al-Haideri said that government forces should defend Kobane against the IS attacks.

“Kobane is Syrian land and it is our duty as the government of Syria to defend our land,” al-Haideri told Rudaw. “Therefore the Syrian army should go to Kobane.”


Aggiedad is feeling excitement.

Aggiedad77 feeling…real excitement…for the IQD…the CBI….the GOI…they understand who is calling the shots…they listen…they advance…something we haven’t seen from the previous corrupt government…they look to be learning from past mistakes…that is how one “perfects” a process….a MR [Monetary Reform] process.


Chinese companies finish drilling new oil wells in al-Halfaya, Maysan

Maysan Oil Corp announced that the Chinese Buhai Corp and Dajin Corp have finished drilling two new oil wells in the al-Halfaya area, increasing total oilfields in the area to 95.

In a statement obtained by IraqiNews, General Manager Missian Corp Adnan Nushi said that both Chinese corps Buhai and Dajin have finished drilling the two wells in 69 days which was ahead of their anticipated schedule.


Oil Exports Fall in August

Reuters reports that Iraq’s oil exports fell from $7.8 billion in July to $7.1 billion in August.
Citing sources at the State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO), the report said that 73.6 million barrels of oil were exported in August at an average price of $97.4 per barrel, down from $102.8 in July.
This averages 2.375 million bpd, down from 2.442 million bpd in the previous month.


Tman talks about the government.

tman23 Article quote: “…the next round of political negotiations between the delegation and the Prime Minister Haider Abadi will take place in the next two days, revealing that it will include the number of ministries in the next Government, the Kurds ‘ lines.” another article proving the government is NOT seated as the Kurds have not yet agreed to participate.