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Thursday Afternoon Dinarland Chatter 8-27-15


UN Operational Rates publish tomorrow, and then go into effect on September 1st. And while we keep hearing “anytime” of the month, many world contracts for goods and services are priced or repriced based on the UN operational rates for currency published at the first of the month.

It would make sense to have a rate change tomorrow and then go onto FOREX on Tuesday.

oh, and by the rules of the Operational Rates, there is a window of 48 hours on either side of the 1st to make a change to the rates, and still be effective the 1st. We could see some slights of hand….

   tbone…..if that is the case, then there would by default be a window starting on Saturday through next Thursday……right????

TBone:  Timth – yes, the timing is perfect….Timth – The window starts tomorrow. The rates typically publish late morning New York Time. Then anytime until Thursday, changes can be made. Even if they publish one number tomorrow, an official change can be input later in the window.

TMth21man :  Tbone…..oh I get it. So the UN could publish the rates tomorrow morning and then sometime over the next 6 days, they could “zap” change the Dinar to the international rate?

TBone:  Timth – yes, according to the rules


Jerseyboys:  I’m not trying to be a wise a$$, I’m just asking… Does the U.S. Have the wherewithal to push money into the stock market to hopefully help it along like China did in the last few days?

Martha:  jersey no it doesnt unless they print it

  Thanks, Martha… As in another QE?

China created a stimulus package that I finally figured it out… China adjusted its value to align with its GNP. it also gave its banks short term loan money to bridge its better customers to get thru the minor storm. This is exactly what Iraq is doing…

  BUT iraq needs a reality rate or else they are losing those investors yesterday

  IMO the US needs to stimulate but can’t until— because to increase interest rates they would have to print more FIAT currency and our government is in the bottom-bankcrupt…. you need assets behind your money to create true value

  Martha by saying yesterday your implying the urgency of the reality rate ??

Martha:  Crusty yes. there are banks and businesses that have been waiting on this RV and they have been holding on way too long

  So with Dow dropping thats more pressure to RV for us !!

Martha:  the US is in a conundrum as to which way to go for the moment. Perhaps they are also waiting for this RV as well cause they need it ….plus debt forgiveness

Martha:  We have a very tight timeline now and we wait and watch


KMan:  JPMorgan Head Warns Second Market Crash May Be Imminent: Violent Selling Could Return On Thursday. The markets are already nose diving today. DOW only now at +123 down from over 400 points…… China dumped 139 billion in Treauries.

Martha:  JP Morgan is creating the scare tactic since they are the “trouble” makers with the most derrivatives…. China doesn’t want non asset backed currency

  Martha, try Citi Group  with 58 billion in silver deriviatives.

KMan:  Waiting for other BRICS to do the same.

Martha:  and they will ….but China is holding our debt and is not dumping it all…. for every action there is a reaction

KMan:  Martha they probably wanted to make a statement. Get this GCR going now!

June1:  Martha so this will drag out tomorrow – till next week for our RV – AND if Iraq does RV tomorrow we still would have to wait several days to go for our EXCHANGES??

   IMO- absolutely not. This would still be the best time to slip it in

IFY: best time to slip a ship into port is under the disguise of a storm

KMan:  Martha, what most people lose sight of is that the PTB need a credible excuse as to why the system has to be changed. Many of these investors haven’t got a clue what is about to happen.

June1:  Martha are you saying – absolutely not…. this would still be the best time to slip it in – they could still RV tonight??

Martha:  If Iraq can pull a rabbit out of its hat then yes but remember the 29th is the full moon, a completion but in any way 9/1 the whole world will know by the markets

  Martha always thought they wanted to come in like a thierf in the night – Iraq – with this RV ?

Martha:  whether they come in 8/28 or 8/29 the whole world will see it on 9/1

Well this MAY happen for us b4 9/1 if so guess we need BE Ready… The U S wants it on weekend imo



Hale Ali’I :  The countdown has begun. Piece by piece one by one, the old ways are crumbling down. The entire system is about to topple.


:   WOW!! Slap me silly!! MR is screaming at us…, can you see it family?

  Indeed. As we said the RI can start in the country and this would encourage the CITIZENS to buy their DOMESTIC BONDS.

THEN ………. An RV would stimulate us to buy the INTERNATIONAL BONDS.  TA DA.

KTFA     Frank


JDTolle  » August 27th, 2015, So much good you can do

Stop worrying about how difficult it will be. Start discovering how well you can handle it.

Don’t hesitate for another moment, because your hesitation works against you. Get up, get going, and get it done.

Rest for a while when you are weary. But don’t rest for so long that you lose all your momentum.

What will energize you is taking action. What will ease your weariness is doing something useful to make positive, meaningful progress.

There are plenty of excuses, and none of them will do you any good. Leave them all behind and feel the exhilaration as you take control of your own destiny.

Starting right now, there is so much good you can do. Get up, get moving in the direction of your dreams, and enjoy all the greatness you are meant to create.

Ralph Marston   Wishing All a safe and blessed day   JDT

P.S. No one, Eleanor Roosevelt said, can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it. — Marian Wright Edelman

Kurds take 10 villages from Islamic State in north Iraq

Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes drove Islamic State militants out of 10 villages in Iraq’s Kirkuk province on Wednesday in an offensive to secure their territory to the north, Kurdish military sources said.

The assault began at dawn in the Daquq area, around 175 kilometers (110 miles) north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. By evening, Kurdish forces had taken an area of around 250 square kilometers, the sources said.

An aide to a top Kurdish commander taking part in the offensive said five peshmerga had been killed, most of them by improvised explosive devices.

The frontline between Kurdish peshmerga forces and Islamic State in northern Iraq has hardly budged for months.

The Kurds already control most of the territory they claim as their own, and have little incentive to push further into predominantly Sunni Muslim Arab towns and villages, except where they pose a direct threat to their region.

“This area (near Daquq) posed a danger to the main road from Kirkuk to Baghdad and the Kurdish and other villages adjacent to the areas occupied by Daesh,” Brigadier General Aras Abdel Rahman said, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

The peshmerga have emerged as an important ally for the United States in its aerial campaign against Islamic State. Together they have pushed back the Sunni insurgents in northern Iraq, and the peshmerga has thus expanded the territory of its autonomous region.

Last summer, the Kurds took full control of the disputed city of Kirkuk after the Iraqi army abandoned its bases there, but western parts of the province such as Hawija remain under Islamic State control.

The Kurds have since carried out several offensives aimed at creating a buffer around the oil-rich city, which they say they will never relinquish.


Pushing for WTO status


[When are they pushing for the WTO status?]


[Do they need an internationally recognized currency before or after WTO status?]



Pastors Ed & Kat International Prayer call Thurs. Night 7pm ET

International Prayer call Thursday Night 7pm ET

641 715 2660   406878#
641 715 3659   406878#   recorded version

A lot to say but a short time to get it out. Many doors being opened to seek his kingdom and bring folks to him to be not only saved but also saved from the chaos coming. So many are opening eyes and receiving so many blessings. Focus on the giver and its opening doors to healing, favor beyond your wildest dreams.  We are seeing folks turn around with trust in the giver Jesus and unbelievable favor is falling on them.

Raises, promotions new cars, marriages saved, health better, all because one now trust and focus is on Jesus. Join us to find out how and testimony tonight. God is not the candy man but he sure blesses folks greatly, when ones heart and focus is right.
Shalom Shalom
God Bless

Pastors Ed & Kat

Thanks Dinar Recaps for all your help in the community

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-27-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-27-15 8-27-2015 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “Iraq needs funds in local currency and not in hard currency, so the central bank is preparing to launch bonds in local currency for sale in order to strengthen the local currency.” THEY ARE MOVING FORWARD WITH THE DINAR BACKED BONDS — HUGE HUGE […]


Millionday:   Article quote – “Iraq needs funds in local currency and not in hard currency, so the central bank is preparing to launch bonds in local currency for sale in order to strengthen the local currency.”


Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 8-27-15

Iraqi Dinar/US Dollar auction results 8-27-15 Currency Auction Results Announcement No. (3023) Offers have been the opening of the sale and purchase of foreign currency daily window three thousand and twenty-three in the Iraqi Central Bank on Thursday to brief summary of 08.27.2015 and the results were as follows: Details Notices The number of banks […]

Masror Barzani: No threats on the political process in Kurdistan

Shafaq News / The Security Council adviser of Kurdistan Region and leader in Kurdistan Democratic Party , Masror Barzani confirmed on Thursday, that there are no threats on the political process in the region because of threats of political differences over the presidency of the region, pointing out that the continuation of Barzani in the performance of his duties means it is legal that he stays in his post.

Barzani’s remarks came during a joint press conference with the Secretary General of the Socialist Democratic Party of Kurdistan , Mohammed Haj Mahmoud following the visit of a delegation from KDP to the headquarters of the Socialist Party to discuss the presidency of the region.

Haj Mahmoud said at the start of the conference which was attended by Shafaq News, that his party has its own opinion and does not follow any other policy, adding that the whole world supports the Kurds and the Kurds must regulate their internal issues.

For his part, Masror Barzani said that the two sides exchanged views on resolving the problems of Kurdistan and to respond to the people’s demands.

About the differences among the political parties , he said that what is happening in the region is a evolution in the political process, noting that the differences did not affect Peshmarga forces.

Barzani said that there are no threats to the political process in Kurdistan, pointing out that if someone is trying to sabotage the stability of the country, there are more people than them who will protect this stability.

Barzani also noted that the continuation of the region’s president, Massoud Barzani in the performance of his duties in his position means that its legal that he stays in his post.

It is scheduled for KDP delegation led by Masror Barzani to visit today, a number of parties that didn’t participate in the five-parties meetings to inform them on the position of his party and tell them although they didn’t participate in those meetings, but their views are important for the KDP.


Parliament votes to approve the draft law of parties

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Parliament has voted in its regular meeting held on Thursday to approve the adoption of the draft law on political parties, which was the subject of controversy throughout the past period between the parties and parliamentary blocs.

The parliament couldn’t pass this bill at its last legislature session as the blocs were accusing each other of delaying its approval.

The parliamentary sources said that the parliament submitted the bill , a paragraph after the other to its members, to be approved in detail with overall attendance.

The Parliament has postponed its current session to vote on the laws of the Federal Court , the parties and the National Guard to the current legislative term for the failure of the political blocs to reach a final agreement at the time.

The Parliament voted on the 11th of this month on a package of reforms as the ninth paragraph included: the legislation of laws that the Constitution text stipulated on the necessity of its legislation and the laws of national reconciliation, to overcome what stands in this legislation mechanisms, especially the “law of parties, the law of the Federal Supreme Court, the treaties law, the Federation Council law and the National Guards law. ”