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Topic: “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” Bryant H. McGill

.MikeH] 8-4-2014 Millionday Report quote: “the situation with the province in regards to the budget in 2014 has become more complex,” but that the House will try to vote on the Commission to resolve this bill in its session on Tuesday…” THEY ARE NOT STATING THAT THEY ARE READING IT SO…THE BUDGET WILL BE VOTED ON AND NOT READ THROUGH TWICE BEFORE THE VOTE. SO WE MAY HAVE A BUDGET ON TUESDAY.

Report quote: “the importance of maintaining the constitutional timings for the selection of a candidate, Prime Minister and the formation of the next government.” SO ONCE AGAIN OF THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING THE NEW GOV IN PLACE BY NEXT TUESDAY DONE…ALONG WITH THE BUDGET BEING VOTED ON IF ALL THEY HAVE ANNOUNCED IS FOLLOWED AS ANNOUNCED. THE PARLIAMENT MEETINGS IN THE NEXT WEEK SHOULD BE FANTASTIC.


Late Sunday Night:


[SpecialAgentGibbs] Quote from Recaps: “Sounddoc….Banker Intel from 8/03/2014 AM Who stopped the RV the other night – UST Why? Not a full release of “TRN” one state not fully alerted – (Utah)”

 [SpecialAgentGibbs] But WAIT….isn’t the RV supposed to be hinging upon the PM announcemnt/elections????

[SpecialAgentGibbs] HMMMMMMM

[SpecialAgentGibbs] > Parliament > sets Aug. 12 as the date for the first reading of the budget > of the Federal 08/03/2014 > >

[Dinarblessed] SpecialAgentGibbs And how many reading are there supposed to be? Is it 3?

[SpecialAgentGibbs] Dinarblessed I dunno, they lie

[SpecialAgentGibbs] India’s veto at WTO shocks world:

[SpecialAgentGibbs] > India Shocks World, Joins Russia Against > Obama > Regime A new report prepared by the > Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) circulating in the Kremlin > states that India’s veto earlier today of a landmark World > Trade Organization (WTO) treaty has “shocked the world” and could > very well lead to the entire collapse of this Western led > global organization that for past 66 years has, in essence, > economically destroyed too many once free nations to > count.According to this report, India was forced > to take a stand against the West who were attempting to > force this sub-continent nation into starving > hundreds-of-millions of its own citizens should this WTO > treaty taken effect.

[2mater] SpecialAgentGibbs will that (veto) have any effect on BRICS affiliation/program of work

[SpecialAgentGibbs] 2mater unknown ripple effect

[2mater] SpecialAgentGibbs not very comforting

[SpecialAgentGibbs] 2mater IMHO, more flipping of the bird at the USA


[SpecialAgentGibbs] Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar:

[SpecialAgentGibbs] The BRICS Alliance Reveals Its Timeline To End American Dominance:


Dinar Chronicles:

Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) – August 3, 2014  SITREP (Situational Report)
08-03-14  9:58 PM EST

Deep Source #1:

“Iraq is ready. The CBI is ready. The government is not, but is moving forward. Opening for rate change to be seen within this week to the next. We are to look for a healthy and happy Iraqi government.”



DLR » August 3rd, 2014, You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” — Joyce Meyer


benblessed1 wrote on August 3rd, 2014, 4:19 pm:Fox News talking about a GLOBAL RESET…interesting…rates going up- as currency devalues.



Jester’s Place:


[DEVINEHEALTH] jester anything new that you heard that you did not know yesterday?


[lulu] Jester it seems like the cabal is pushing for war on several fronts while trying to pit Christians Muslims and Jews against each other. Why now?



[lulu] Jester now they have introduced the Ebola scare to America is that another distraction IYO

 [motoxr] Jester, Are they throwing everything into the pot to stir as much up as possible and cause as much kaos and mayham as posible


[lulu] Jester I read the lee wanta was there another?

motoxr] Jester It appears to me they have tried so much in other countries and they have caught on now they are turning their attention and wrong doing up a level here on us


[lulu] Jester it seems like a full on press between the border, Syria, Ukraine, gaza,Ebola, Iraq, is it desperation?



[motoxr] Jester, Ok will do.Thanks for the link. Would that bring on the FEMA Camps to control the people if there was an out break?

[Jester] motoxr I SUPPOSE IT COULD…

[Aunt B] Jester I hope the cabel realize the party is over… the sooner the better!PLAN…

Millionday talks about the CBI press statement.



Tlar & Friends With News & Comments

Sun Aug 03 2014 13:04 | (Voice of Iraq) – The Federal Judicial Authority denied receiving Federal Supreme Court any request or complaint of “largest bloc” in charge of the formation of the government, pointing out that the Federal Court decision issued in 2010 is still valid and in force.

He Bayraqdar that “the Federal Court issued a decision in 2010 interpreted Article 76 of the Constitution,” adding that “this decision has become enforceable and binding on all the authorities.”

Luckylady:   Good morning tlar and everyone!  Haven’t they already  ruled on this?  I sure hope you are right about Maliki not receiving immunity.  He should pay for what he’s done but this is Iraq and very little surprises me anymore. Thanks for all you do tlar by sharing your perspective in this confusing and frustrating investment.

    Ralph:   Thanks Tlar!!  I was just thinking this morning, the situation must be getting better. I haven’t seen anything about the Kurds breaking from Iraq..

Tlar:    They ruled on it in the 2010 elections.  That is why the court always refers back to that ruling. 

The SOL (State of Law) will continue to say they are the largest block but they too along with Maliki signed the document in 2010 saying the NA  (National Alliance)is the largest block. 

Now they are saying its a forged document but other signatories are saying they witnessed the SOL and Maliki sign it as they themselves signed it. 

This is just a false SOL argument intended to be a negotiating tactic by creating what they hope is a vehicle to throw another monkey wrench in the deal. 

They hope to get full immunity in trade for “the largest block” and Maliki stepping down. 

It is their last ditch effort .  It won’t work.  In separate articles from the coalition who is a large part of the NA,  (National Alliance)  the NA has already said they will attend parliament on Tuesday and in another article they have said they will announce their nominee on Monday.  tlar

DreamWeaver:    Thanks, Tlar, for the article and your comments.

Do you think there is anything to the rumor that Maliki will be an MP?  How does that work?  Is he an MP now, but not sworn in … or does he need to do something else to be a legit MP? Don’t understand, Tlar, as IF he was voted in as MP in last election … which as I understand it, he was …  then why couldn’t or wouldn’t he stay on as an MP.

That will solve immunity issue and feed his egotistical need to feel as though he is still needed by Iraqi people.

Tlar, I just don’t see him running before someone is actually chasing him.  Right now there is no one chasing him, so why wouldn’t he stay on as MP and wait to run until international community chases him … seriously chases him … and not just a smattering of articles here and there.

IMO these type of manical, delusional dictators don’t ever run until someone is hunting them down …

so I’m not expecting Maliki to disappear from the scene.  I fully expect him to be standing up on the podium during speeches by legit GOI PM and President, waiving his arms and thanking HIS beloved Iraqi people for their support.

 He’s batshite crazy and in my experience these type of people do not make logical choices or moves.

 JMO … though I hope you’re correct on this one, my friend, as I’d love to see this blight to Iraq not only gone but punished.  Best. ~ DW

Tlar:    The tone of the articles are now saying the coalition is just basically ignoring all the BS coming out of the SOL.  (State of Law)

 The SOL is disintegrating everyday now as their president continues to say we will nominate Maliki.

 If there was a vote today I don’t believe the SOL would get more than 30-40 votes period.  The negotiations IMO  (in My Opinion) are done. 

As usual the SOL  (State of Law) and Maliki let that potential slide to the last minute hoping to muscle a deal for immunity.

 With defections like the Badr organization and others, the SOL missed that opportunity and has lost all potential for good will that earlier they might have taken advantage of. 

Notice there are no articles saying Hakim or anyone is meeting with the SOL. 

Other than meetings between coalition members there looks to be no more talks. 

Notice also this late in the game and the news has been reduced to just trading barbs;  Hardly what you would expect to see with the parliament convening in two days. 

The coalition looks to have basically stopped negotiating and just waiting for Tuesday. 

I believe the coalition’s attitude is “d*** the torpedo’s, full steam ahead”.  “We are ready and we have the votes.”  tlar

Ralph:   On the heels of Tlar’s comment, I was just sent this….

 Shi’ite lawmakers: the rule of law disintegrated .. and formulate guarantees for the withdrawal of al-Maliki Today.

Tlar:       I don’t believe this article.  I don’t believe that they would grant him full immunity nor do I believe his party would play prominently in the new government gaining ministries etc.  Of course “this” is Iraq. tlar

BlueyesinLevis;   Highlighting for Ralph’s wall of text:

-On the heels of Tlar’s comment, I was just sent this…. Ralph

Shi’ite lawmakers: the rule of law disintegrated .. and formulate guarantees for the withdrawal of al-Maliki Today.

Shi’ite lawmakers: the rule of law disintegrated .. and formulate guarantees for the withdrawal of al-Maliki BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah.

He said three of the deputies, on Saturday, that’s insistence reference Najaf on the APPLICATION of the principle of “Change and Reform,” which advocated by most of the national forces, may resolve the position of most of the parties within the National Alliance, which has become convinced of providing an alternative candidate for Nouri al-Maliki, head of the caretaker government,

pointing out that the Liberals and the citizen currently negotiating with all components of the “rule of law” with the exception of the Dawa party, which means that this list practically disintegrated during the talks.

-This comes at a time Deputy for al-Sadr, the Shiite parties, has already begun, to provide guarantees for failure to prosecute al-Maliki prosecuted while pulling his candidacy for the presidency of the government, and that at his request, and the requirements of “the transfer of quiet authority.”

and want most Iraqi parties, a change in the political team for the government, designed message existence project a serious review and reform, and the promise that a critical step to absorb the anger and protest and calm climate troubled exploited by terrorist groups for months,

 and ended up collapsing military, putting the country at a dangerous crossroads. emerged reference Najaf as a basic party in this call, loaded with politicians responsibility activate reforms, to face the repercussions of the collapse of military sudden.

-MP said the bloc citizen Hassan sari in an interview with “long”, that the National Alliance has decided to attend the meeting of the Council of Representatives to be held next Tuesday, all the mass, “adding,” but did not agree components so far , a candidate for prime minister. “

 is not expected to force lead “the next meeting to resolve the issue of the prime minister, because of internal disputes within the National Alliance on personalities nominated for this position,”

 noting that the rigidity Nuri al-Maliki’s nomination, another resolution of the candidate’s name within the National Alliance ” .

and follow the leadership of the Supreme Council that “the blocks that fall within the National Alliance rejects categorically the renewal of the third term of the owners on the grounds that the presidential candidate of the Council of Ministers must have the admissibility national within the coalition and blocks other national.”

-said allies of the owners within the state law repeatedly this week, They’re with the condition of admissibility stipulated by reference, and came such statements on the lips of leaders of the Badr Organisation, (25 seats within Maliki’s bloc) and carried a clear signal from the cracked alliance.

noted applicable to “all the mechanisms developed by the National Alliance regarding its candidate for prime minister and most important of acceptability among masses national, not available in the candidate state law, Nuri al-Maliki, “

noting that most of the blocks of the National Alliance and other political blocs are conservative on his candidacy.”

-so stressed Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad and the building of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Hassan Jihad, that the National Alliance is committed to the directives religious authority that called in earlier to change and not to cling to positions,

taking into account the public interest “and expressed confidence that the National Alliance will be able in the coming days to nominate its candidate for prime minister in accordance with the directives of the reference in Najaf.”

and on what is being said about the existence of talks between the National Alliance and parts of the block state law on the prime minister,

pointed out in force that “negotiations are continuing between the blocs of the Liberals and the citizens and all the blocks of the state of law,

with the exception of the Islamic Dawa Party, about to accelerate in the naming of the Prime Minister.”

-and pointed out that “these discussions focused heavily on the preservation of the National Alliance and the lack exclusion or marginalization of any block of blocks Alliance, “

noting that these negotiations you want to resolve the issue frameworks quiet correct that is to withdraw the nomination of al-Maliki of the JOB and put the alternative.”

 and that “all the components of the rule of law except block the Islamic Dawa Party, with blocks Liberals The citizen and the virtue and the Reform Movement,

 unwilling Maliki’s nomination for prime minister in response to the directives of the religious authority.

-In this context, illustrates the MP for the Liberal bloc parliamentary Tariq Kikhany that the alliance continues to debates about the name of its candidate for prime minister,

with a commitment to the opinion of the religious authority that called for change. ” and between Kikhany told the “term”, that stuck-Maliki candidacy for the post of prime minister has hampered the National Alliance for providing the candidate of the political blocs,

“stressing that all the blocks that fall within the rule of law shown flexibility in presenting a consensus candidate rather than al-Maliki in response to the opinion of reference.”

-and added that “The National Alliance will resolve naming its candidate for prime minister in accordance with the timings constitutional” and confirms the MP “that al-Maliki began looking for assurances from the blocks of the National Alliance on non-accountable legally on all the events that occurred in the previous period,”

 explaining that “blocks the coalition gave him assurances in return withdraw his nomination the post of prime minister. “

He pointed out that “part of this is to grant assurances may Maliki locations in prominent state institutions.”


 BlueyesinLevis:   Tlar.. the article is giving us some very interesting perspective…

-It says maliki is DEFINITLY Out.. but then talks about immunity… but it CLEARLY is an admission that Maliki is NOT going to be the PM… and that Dawa is crumbling.. and the SoL is changing shape.

-What it says to me is that the Maliki Camp has shifted gears big time.. and they are now scrambling to get him immunity and have dropped the bluster that he will serve a 3rd term.

-That is big I think.

– “As I was sneaking out the back stairs and down the street.. I heard the landlady screaming about the front  rent. She aint gettin’ the front rent. She aint gettin’ the back rent. She aint gettin’ none of it.”  ~ George Thorogood

KJWayne:  I’ll believe Maliki is out when he is OUT! Good to see him go. Get this NEW government in place and functioning. Get Turki and the CBI doing the push the button thing.

Rainbowrow:   Thanks for the breakdown. My favorite part: “The National Alliance will resolve naming its candidate for prime minister in accordance with the timings constitutional”

As long as they keep following their Constitution, we will get there.

Ahwman:  Tlar,  I’ve followed you for years and have always loved your no bull, no hype analysis.

 My heart tells me that you’re the real deal.  That said, most of the dinar community is of the strong opinion that Maliki will not win a third term – me included. 

However, Frank and Delta from KTFA are 100% convinced that Maliki will in fact win a third term after all.  It almost seems as though they know something we don’t. 

Is it possible we’ve underestimated Maliki and that he’s found a loophole of sorts?  I just have this sinking feeling that he will worm his way back in again like he did in 2010… 

I prey my gut is wrong as logic tells me that if in fact he is reelected, our investment will be put on an indefinite hold yet again… Thanks for all of your dedication and effort my friend.

Phillyman:   ahwman, for what its worth, it is interesting how divided the community is over Maliki.  But, I think it is worth noting that if you take the side of Frank, Delta and any other pro Maliki gurus  I would think you would also have to go along with their belief that they do not see Maliki being the PM again as being a problem for us in this investment.  I

t seems like the only ones that feel Maliki will keep us from the RV are those who do not think he is going to be PM again.

I love Tlars take on the contradictory and confusing articles.  But, who is not concerned wondering if our take on things here is correct? 

When the presidency went to someone who no one was predicting I found that to be pretty humbling.  I still don’t feel I have a handle on what the CBI is looking for when they refer to political and economic stability.  Whatever the case it looks like we should have a clearer picture within a week.  Still praying for that RV

RandyT00:          Tlar,  What about this article that was posted this morning in the Iraqi press? I am not sure what to think about it other than Maliki hopeium and wishful thinking…

The 4th paragraph where it talks about immunity is a bit worrisome. The question I have is hasn’t the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents been chosen and voted on already?    – Randy

No objection for Maliki to have vice-presidency post, National Alliance

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The National Alliance confirmed its non-objection that Premier Nouri al-Maliki to get the vice-presidency post, if he was totally rejected.

National Alliance Tariq al-Khikani stated that both Sadrist affiliated Ahrar and Muwatin blocs “do not need the posts offered by Maliki for supporting him for the third term”, becausethey have their electoral weight and parliamentary seats.

He re-iterated his alliance’s rejection of Maliki to have the third premiership term.

No exact nomination was given by the National Alliance for the premiership post till now, amid hectic differences with the Alliance itself.

On the other hand, Higher Islamic Council’s sources reported that “quiet” contacts are underway to “give Maliki legal guarantees to acquit him of previous mistakes in return for his withdrawal from premiership post, including giving him an important governmental post”.

Mostof the Iraqi parties want changes in the three Presidencies in order to “absorb masses’ wrath and objection which were utilized by the terrorist groups for the last few months that led to the military collapse and putting Iraq into “dangerous crossroads”.  RandyT00 (~_~)

Below Comments From Tlar’s earlier post on this topic:

Tlar Comment – The SOL continues to say they are the largest block.  They don’t want to challange this in court because if they are ruled not the largest block then they will have lost.

 This is their last harrah, their last stall to get immunity.  Their last argument. 

So between now and Tuesday expect to see this argument get bounced around in the news not the courts.  Tuesday the NA will present its candidate.

 He will come from the Coalition, most likely Mahdi.  The process of building a new non sectarian government will be finished because Mahdi will quickly submit his list of ministers that have been pre-negotiated and pre-agreed upon. 

There should not be much screaming from the SOL the minute the nominee is announced because IMO, the heads of the SOL and Maliki will already be on an airplane to parts unknown having unsuccessfully not received the “real” deal they have been seeking from almost the beginning of this, which is immunity.  tlar.

TD shares intel from his CBI contact.

TD What about the CBI? My guy indicates having some conversations with some CBI staff members recently and they are just basically sitting on their hands waiting for a functioning government to take hold. SO, as of now, currency reform, it is just sitting idle and depending on WHO gets into power, fresh ideas and policies might emerge for numerous programs to be revised and enacted upon. It just depends on who gets in. In tandem with the ruling power is how the CBI makes it’s moves. …regarding the estimated 30-60 Trillion (some even estimate more) and the reality of exchanging that many notes. Again my friend indicates that “everyone here (Iraq) knows that not all notes worldwide CAN or WILL be exchanged”.


TD Dinar Daily Fly By With His Opinion On Iraq

A Fly By From TD –    Hey Ponee & Gang;

It’s been a few weeks so I hope I can invite myself for a few quick words, which of course, are rumors I’m hearing and I’m bold enough to occasionally throw it out there for your consumption.

Just toss it around if you will. Of course, due your own diligence and forgive me if any part of my post is nauseating, I know all of us experience that daily with gooorooo posts.

Well for those who call me “Mr. Glass half empty ” Let me begin by saying that Iraq has not collapsed, optimism in the political blocs is gaining toward “compromise” and willingness to forge a unified country is the theme heading out of Ramadan, a religious and spiritual monthly cleansing of body and mind. Ramadan has helped bring about this “spirit of brotherly cooperation”.

  Hopefully the euphoria can persist as MUCH work needs to be done to get the country to Stability and Functioning.

A very good start actually is having President Massoum to press unity and action. This is an inspirational leader (much like Talabani) and wants progress for all.

Most all dinarland is focusing on a PM to be named and the very next second we are all standing in line at Wells Fargo to C/E. No such luck kids !! The political tug of war is still to be fought long and hard for members (of cabinet, staff, etc.) to be named and voted upon.

 In fact the PM named is really temporary until the processes through parliament are finalized and as the euphoria of “brotherly love” evaporates, the roots of thousands of years of animosity and disagreements fades back into reality.

SO my prediction (as discussed with my sandbox friend) is October -November for a formed government to begin operating. Then from there (as Massoum clearly spelled out) are the adoption of laws, dealing with the security situation and resolving the numerous other agenda items. SO much work to be done AFTER the government is named.

So what’s the deal with Maliki ? In or out ?? My last post I indicated that M was told by EVERYONE that a Iraq will not exist under him. The Kurds ( & other factions) will simply not have it.

Now getting a stubborn mule to go away quietly is another matter altogether. His hope (as I said last post) is to have enough power to call some shots from the sidelines. This is still true today.

My contact indicates to me that Hussein al-Shahristani will emerge as the named PM. Of course, treat as rumor, but this leader holds many of the qualities as Massoum does and is gaining support. We shall see.

What about the CBI ? My guy indicates having some conversations with some CBI staff members recently and they are just basically sitting on their hands waiting for a functioning government to take hold.

Yes we all read earlier this year of Turki promoting the currency reform program to roll out AFTER elections but as we all know and seen a thousand times this is Iraq and conditions change all the time.

 He did emphatically state that a handful of economic reform laws were on parliaments desk before ISIS and prior to elections and that they still need to be carried out for movement to start up any programs.

BUT here is the most interesting part of my conversation with my friend (regarding currency reform) who indicates fresh ideas being introduced by incoming members. And it is MOST LIKELY that the new PM and ruling party will have their own policies to promote.

So, REALLY, anyone (ANY GOOOROOO) who says they know the imminent rate & date is full of it because evidently some serious modifications of any existing plans is on the horizon. It just depends on who gets in. Make no mistake, the CBI will not move on anything significant till a functioning, stable government is in. In tandem with the ruling power is how the CBI makes it’s moves.

I spoke again regarding the estimated 30-60 Trillion (some even estimate more) and the reality of exchanging that many notes. Again my friend indicates that “everyone here (Iraq) knows that not all notes worldwide CAN or WILL be exchanged”.

So there you have it.

BTW, some in dinarland keep asking me “Why are you still here TD” ? Well, first of all, the same reason you are allowed to write that question. Freedom of speech !

Secondly, yes, i did exchange most of my dinars but I still hold over a million dinar ( like Ponee, who says that’s hers are the “in case these gurus were somehow correct” stash ). I too have mine. Does that qualify me then to post an opinion post ?? Thanks !

I still can’t see mathematically how they will C/E 10-20-30 Trillion notes ??

SO, as of now, currency reform, it is just sitting idle and depending on WHO gets into power, fresh ideas and policies might emerge for numerous programs to be revised and enacted upon.

It’s almost like watching another ball game to begin.

Meantime, be well !  BEST REGARDS,   TD

This is getting very exciting to watch

SteveI:   They are flat out of money to operate until the budget and HCL are passed and opened. This is getting very exciting to watch. This cannot and will not continue. All information we have is absolutely excellent.

[Q.  Can you tell us what you think/believe will happen in the immediate aftermath with our investment when parliament passes the budget? Will a new rate be released simultaneously? Will there be a waiting period i.e, budget appearing in the law library then rate release?]

A.  Personally from what we are reading and being told, it will be pretty much immediately. The CBI will just do their thing and you will not know in advance what it is or when, so you will just have to watch for it.

Millionday Friday Roundtable

Millionday Roundtable 8/1/14

    Welcome to for roundtable with Millionday!

    [millionday] Demanded the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, the House of Representatives to reduce the shortfall in the budgets of 2014 and 2015, noting that it serves the national interest of the year.

 Safi said that “the new House of Representatives has to serve the national interest and that by working to reduce the shortfall in the budget Iraqi Finance, especially for the years 2014-2015.

    [millionday] called for political blocs to work according to the laws in Iraq to end disputes taking place on the budget, ruling out the delay in approving the budget in 2015.

    [millionday] so as we see they are working on the 2014 budget and at the same time are working toward the 2015 at an earlier time than months in to next year

     [millionday] smile

    [millionday] here is a statement from Obama

    [millionday] Barak Obama president US administration called on Iraqi government to take necessary measures to protect religious minorities from ISIS attacks.

The call came in a statement issued after a meeting between Deputy U.S. National Security Adviser Benjamin Rhodes with a number of leaders of the Chaldean and Assyrian in the United States the day after a similar meeting with lawmakers in Congress and officials occupying of the file of Middle East, in the U.S. State Department.

According to the statement, that the U.S. administration “encourages government officials in Baghdad and Erbil to take all possible measures to help the people in Iraq.

    next article

    [millionday] called religious authority, on Friday, the House of Representatives to quickly pass a legal budget and the Federal Court, urging the president candidate commissioned the biggest bloc to form a government before the expiration of the constitutional period.

 representative said the reference in Karbala, Ahmed Safi in a Friday sermon that erected in the courtyard Husseini, and seen by the Agency (news):

It ‘with the expiration of the holiday due to start the House of Representatives to his work and in front of important bills including one bill this year’s budget, which delayed approval of the previous session and this led to delays in the completion of a lot of projects and cause damage economic losses’,

 calling for political blocs to ‘cooperation in the completion of this law to take account of the interests of the citizen away from tugging’.

added net that ‘the most important laws is the law of the Federal Supreme Court has completed its draft in the previous session, but

    [millionday] some things as expressed’, He pointed out that ‘this law has paramount importance, the task under Article 90 of the Constitution is to interpret the provisions of the Constitution and the separation in Almenzaat which lies between the federal government and the governments of the regions and provinces.

” Safi said he ‘remained one week of the constitutional deadline mandated by President candidate biggest bloc to form the next government ‘,

 adding that’ everyone is hoping that this be done in the remaining period in accordance with the legal framework ‘.

stressed, such as the reference to it ‘has passed confirmation more than once that critical circumstances through which Iraq and the significant challenges faced by the imperative that are the next government to accept a national scale to be able to cooperate with the main blocs in parliament to develop and implement the plans necessary to cope with the crises that have wracked the country.

    [millionday] note — so there is one more week as of yesterday constitutionally to form new gov

    [millionday] and the very important laws are to do with federal system

    [millionday] meaning the local gov and their responsibilities and the fed and theirs

    [millionday] ‘ Jean Another pointed Net that ‘gangs Daash which controls parts of the country, including the province of Nineveh, the demolition of several mosques and shrines and the most important mosque of the Prophet Yunus amid distraught and surprising world of the level reached by this gang in dimension for humanitarian standards. ‘

 and added that ‘these practices denounced emphasizes the need for the cooperation of the international community with the government to deal with these gangs that pose a threat not only on Iraq and the region, but to all the world ‘.

called Net security forces that ‘rising level of performance to the highest instances of courage and composure and bravery and precision in the objectives and vigor in the prosecution and be very careful of getting hurt any civilians in bad whatever sect or political affiliation

    [millionday] they are obviously calling on iraq to take care of the problems they have with all of the terrorism as they have been armed and trained to do —  smile  ok brb with more

    [millionday] here we go

    [millionday] sorry the 1st is always a dig

    [millionday] Baghdad revealed a mass citizen, said Friday that the National Alliance will hold a meeting before the parliamentary session next Tuesday to choose a candidate for prime minister,

as shown that there are a number of candidates to fill the position, confirmed that the meetings are still going on between the components of the alliance to choose one of the candidates.

MP said the bloc citizen, Habib Terminal in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The National Alliance will hold a meeting before the parliamentary session next Tuesday to choose a candidate for prime minister.”

    [millionday] He Terminal that ” There are a number of candidates to fill the position, but that there is no agreement on a specific candidate, “pointing out that” dialogues and meetings are still going on between the components of the National Alliance for the selection of one of their candidates.

” The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Mohammed al-Masoudi warned, on Thursday (July 31, 2014 ), of “civil war” as a result cling to power, as he emphasized that the issue of Fallujah need for a political solution and not Balaskar and security forces.

while MP from the state law, Haitham al-Jubouri, on Thursday (July 31, 2014), a waiver of his coalition as prime minister as a “betrayal “The Secretariat of being the largest bloc, with reiterated that the only candidate for the post is Nouri al-Maliki.

    [millionday] note — the national alliance will choose before Tuesday  according to this

    [millionday] i like how they referred to it as a cling to power

    [millionday] couldnt have said it better

    [millionday] was MP for the Liberal bloc Riad al-Saadi said, in a Wednesday (July 30, 2014), that the National Alliance has five candidates for the post of prime minister, including al-Jaafari and al-Shahristani, while He pointed out that Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, to withdraw his candidacy for the job because of political pressure.

considered religious authority, Mr. Mahmoud Hashemi, in July 29, 2014, that the nomination of president of the new government in Iraq must be determined with set apart by the polls,

stressing unnecessary to stick entitlement constitutional the new government.

 mentions that the differences are still going on within the National Alliance for the selection of the prime minister for the next government at a time, which is still state law clings Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister,

    [tbob] WOW they’re cooking now — they are actually getting things done before deadlines!

    [millionday] shocker>>the other blocks within the coalition of the Liberal and the citizen refuses this nomination, as well as the other blocks out of the coalition is still continues to take its categorical rejection of Nuri al-Maliki as prime minister for the third session.

    [txoilman] M just want give up cause he knows his goose will be cooked

    [millionday] it is amazing how fast things are getting done — loving it

    [millionday] and they are simple things that have been spelled out already in some cases by formal design

    [millionday] txoilman duck goose and chicken some say

    [jtank] see how fast they go when M is out

    [millionday] brb with more

    [millionday] President of the Republic Fuad Masum, stressed the need for political cooperation with the clergy to face the terrorists and abort their attempts to distort the essence of religion by exploitation of religious symbols to serve their own despicable interests.

Maasum expressed during receiving a delegation from Shiite Waqf / Endowment /, chaired by Saleh al-Haidari, according a statement by the presidency office , his well to form a committee or religious body comprising senior clerics representing different religions and sects seeking to educate people and show the true essence of religion.

    [mrref1216] MD can I bring in some news on Maliki and get your comments?

    [millionday] sure lets see it hun

    [mrref1216] Massoum: ‘If I am pressured to nominate a candidate, I will not hesitate to step down.’ Photo: AFP BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq’s newly-elected President Fouad Massoum warned the country’s parliament that he would step down if the parties failed to nominate a candidate for the post of prime minister.

“I was elected president by all the Iraqi factions,” Massoum told representatives. “And I would never nominate anyone for the post of prime minister without all parties’ consent and blessing.”

The president warned: “if I am pressured to nominate a candidate, I will not hesitate to step down.” Rudaw has learned that Iraq’s acting Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has urged Massoum to nominate him “since he represents the largest coalition in the parliament.”

    [mrref1216] The president has reportedly declined Maliki’s appeal and said he would not use his presidential powers to nominate anyone “without the clear support of all Iraqi factions.”

 Iraq’s parliament elected Massoum as the new president last week. In line with the country’s constitution, the president should assign the prime minister to form a new cabinet.

Sources told Rudaw that the Shiite State of the Law was among the first factions to submit a petition to the president to nominate Maliki for the post.

According to Iraq’s constitution, the prime minister should be elected from the largest coalition group in the parliament. The Shiite parties hold most of the seats in the national assembly but have so far not announced any major coalitions. The State of the Law with 93 seats has insisted on nominating Maliki as the sole Shiite candidate.

    [mrref1216] The Kurdish and Sunni factions have absolutely rejected a third term for Maliki. Even within the Shiite parties, Muqtada al-Sadr and his powerful bloc have spoken against the embattled prime minister,

 as has the Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who has appealed to Maliki not to run for a third term.

With the president and parliament speaker elected last month — as the country is in the throes of a massive Sunni rebellion and with a third of the country in the hands of jihadi-led rebels –

a decision on the prime minister is the only hurdle standing in the way of Iraq forming a new government. =====================…t ··· 01082014

    [millionday] well my opinion is that they have the right president

    [mrref1216] So he’s is not out of the picture

    [millionday] if he is not going to use his powers to place who he wants without the go ahead from all parties that speaks highly of his character — he has the right but wants all to agree and the fact that maliki bagged him does not surprise me and actually lets me know that he is afraid he is out

    [millionday] he states that if he is backed into a corner without the pm being placed by all he will not remain in his position –

 i dont believe he would leave such an honor as it is but — to say that and demand the work to be done is a huge change from where they were with the past gov

    [mrref1216] MD thank you for your comments, appreciated.

    [millionday] we have watched huge respect given to all of the candidates so it doesnt seem to be a problem to me — either one of them are very respected

    [millionday] yw all the time

    [millionday] i say watch the money — i know the gov is important but watch the money it has to roll and i would not be shocked if they follow the constitutional deadline as we have seen that as a pattern lately

    [mrref1216] That would be nice

    [millionday] like i said on the call — the only one that has good to say about him is himself so that cant be good

    [mrref1216] OK I’m back on the streets you guys have a great afternoon.

    [millionday] if you did into other country news you will find the same — in the region or out — he is blamed for the problems and should have resolved them before they got to this point

    [millionday] you too hun have a great day and be safe

    [mrref1216] thanks

    [millionday] let me see if anything else is out yet   brb

    [millionday] it is very hard to understand why they are arguing about this

    [millionday] Head of Kurdistan Democratic Party parliamentary bloc MP Ardalan Noureddine announced that the President of the republic is constitutionally obliged to nominate the candidate of the largest parliamentary bloc to form a government,

stressing that the differences with the out-going Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki are not of personal nature, rather because of his policies and decisions.

He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / today: “The biggest bloc which is the National Alliance is entitled to form a government after tasked by the President of the Republic

    [millionday] so with that said lets just meet back here at newstime and see what else we find

– i would love to know what cbi has been up to
    [millionday] national alliance is the largest block — so we will look at the loads of news we will have tonight and see you at 730 est


Post By Nadita Brought From Dinar Daily

 Nadita File – 07/31/2014

 Good evening everyone, thanks for watching Nadita File where the spin starts here

 This evening news are full of goodies :) Let’s start with :

Ukraine Crisis : Chess reported Pouting Putin is not a happy camper as EU adopts new Russia sanctions curbing arm sales, bank financing and energy technology. EU also bans 5 Russian banks from raising capital in Europe as of August 1st.

  Russia condemns latest EU sanctions. Bans import of grain and juice from Ukraine and produce from Poland, vows expansion to entire EU.


  Kiev government cease fire lets EU investigators to re-enter MH crash site in Ukraine. Russian experts aim to inspect debris, sides trade blame for downing jet.

 Israel – Gaza Showdown : Captl1 heard Israeli military source says mission to destroy tunnels could be finished by Monday or Tuesday. Israel is calling up another 16,000 reserves.

 Three weeks fighting in Gaza has killed 1,300 Palestinians, 56 Israeli soldiers, 3 civilians. UN refugee agency makes urgent appeal for $187M caring for 250K in Gaza. Pentagon says casualties in Gaza are “too high”.

 Calls on Israel to live up to high standards for protecting civilian life. Both Israel and Hamas agree to 72 hour ceasefire starting Friday morning at 8:00 am. They are going to Cairo for negotiations.

 Other News : Calkid11 reported WHO isn’t recommending restrictions on air travel or closing borders. WHO is launching $100M response plan, about 1200 infected, 730 dead.

 West African leaders to meet in Guinea tomorrow on tackling Ebola crisis. Screening airport arrivals, imposing quarantines in hot zones. US issues travel warning for 3 nations hit by Ebola virus. 1 US citizen dead, 2 others infected. Peace Corps pulling 340 from Liberia, Siera Leone, Guinea, as well.

 Nannab read Argentina defaults for 2nd time since 2001, as talks with holdout creditors fail. BNY Mellon, trustee of Argentine bonds, notifies creditors of missed payment. Argentina says it’s posted money, isn’t in default. ISDA receives request on whether “credit event” has occurred, process may take 2-3 days. It would trigger $1B insurance payment by Argentina. S&P cuts Argentina short and long term foreign currency rating to “selective default”.

 JPMorgan and Citi Banks are in talks to resolve dispute with holdout creditors of Argentine bonds.

 Boosterbglee just heard Homeland Security Dept. warns retailers on a type of malware attacking point of sales systems. “Backoff” malware not detectable by most anti virus software.

 EagleEye is happy to hear European court says Russia must pay $2.6B to former Yukos investors, Russia vows to appeal.

 The Hague awarded $50B earlier this week. Yukos nationalized a decade ago. Senate set to vote today on bill to revamp VA. It would help veterans void long waits for healthcare, hire more doctors and nurses.

 Saint is dumb founded to hear House GOP leaders pull bill to supplement funding for border control after lack of support. Say president can enforce law “right now” without action from Congress.

  Highway traffic jam is the subject of the House votes to disagree with Senate Highway Trust Fund bill. Funding for roads and bridges face drastic cuts unless Congress takes action.

 The bull was having hard time holding on the slippery slope and slipped 317 points. Stocks drop to session lows, losing July’s gains on final day of month. S&P500 drops to a 1.5 month low.

 Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq are having worst day since April 10th. Nasdaq, Russell 2000 tumbles nearly 2%. Crude oil slips under $100/barrel. Telecoms and material lag. Gold closed at $1,283, silver at $20.42, copper at $3.23. Natural gas is up 1.4% to $3.84.

  Portugal, Ukraine, Argentina, US data and earnings all weigh the trading today. Buffet says down day is a good day for him as he can buy what he wants at cheaper price.

 Apple road to $100 derailed. Expedia and Linkedin beat earnings, the stocks rise after hour trading.

 Tesla and GoPro beat street earnings, but stocks dip after hour trading.

 TMobile trading higher on takeover bid by France’s Illiad for $15B for 57% of TMobile US or $33/share. Counter offers from Sprint. .

 Euro zone inflation fell more than expected in July, renewing fear of deflation.

  UPS is downgraded to neutral from overweight at Atlantic Equities. Yelp is downgraded to market perform from outperform at Raymond James.

 Golden Girl is not surprised as Yum is not so yummy anymore as latest China food safety scare hurting KFC, Pizza Hut sales there. Yum says FY results may be hit by China food scandal, unsure how quickly sales will rebound.

 Meet the new boss, Target hires Pepsico Exec Brian Cornell as Chairman/CEO as it seeks rebound from data breach. BOA raises mortgage settlement offer, ups cash portion to $7B.

 Synchrony Financial (SYF), GE’s credit card business, going public today at $23/share.

  HealthEquity (HQY), a healthcare service platform begins trading today at $14/share.

 Vascular Biogenics (VBLX) begins trading today at $12/share, stock was down at trading. Bio Blast Pharma (ORPN) finishes first day trading nearly ¼ lower than initial price.

 Catalent (CTLT), drug delivery tech firm also finishes first day trading lower than initial price. Wiljor is smiling Avalanche Biotech (AAVL) begins trading today at $17/share. The stock gained 65% and closed at $27.99.

 Under Armour’s products are sold in more than 25K retail outlets worldwide. It derived 76% of its $2.3B in 2013 from apparel. Sony says consumer electronics will profit 1st time in 4 years, smartphones will slow profit growth near term.

 From Dinar land : Vietnam1969 is confirming ISIL is losing its grips in several cities.

 Sandfly is still patrolling the air of Baghdad, ready to fire Tbomb anytime. Several tribes are cooperating with security forces to drive out ISIL from their city. Many tribe leaders realize ISIL is not what they think they were, in their own words, they say they never thought ISIL could be so ruthless and self serving, committing atrocities in the name of Islam. They are projecting Islam as tyrannic and uncompromising whereas the opposite is true.

 Stealthwarrior is still busy cleaning up the car bomb that exploded in eastern Baghdad killing civilians and wounding many others. ISIL executed 17 civilians in northern Tikrit who were kidnapped a few days earlier. The dead included a police officer and two tribesmen against ISIL. Iraqi army is determined to train better armies with weaponry to battle ISIL.

 The new president of Iraq, Fouad Massoum met with the outgoing speaker of the house Osama Nujaifi to discuss the formation of new government according to the Constitution and fighting the terrorists in addition of providing necessary help to displaced people.

  ISIL is fighting against Kurds and Sunni tribes in eastern and northeastern Syria near the Turkish border. The war is waged after ISIL broke the pledge not to harass Sunnis. Most of towns and villages being fought over are rich in oil and natural gas.

 Rdoncampos heard a fifth tanker is loaded at the Turkish Ceyhan port reported to be 1M barrels from Kurdistan region. The buyer is not clear. Israel is the only country who bought 4 shipments of oil from Kurdistan. The fifth tanker is offloading to another tanker in South China Sea. One tanker has been parked in Morocco for two months.

 Although politicians from both GOI and KRG have been talking, they are not close to reach an agreement yet as GOI insists all Iraqi oil sales must go through SOMO. Turkish FM Ahmet Davutauglu called the new Iraqi President, Massoum to congratulate him and tried to amend the broken trade between two countries.

 The relationship between the two countries has been strained due to accusation of Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan aiding militants in Iraq and Syria.

 Thriver reported US government has approved $500M contract for Bell Helicopter training for the next five years. The contract is in final approval by the Congress.

 Food supplies are ample in Iraq even though the highways have been closed by ISIL to make transportation a bit difficult. Yendor heard what Iraq needs right now is adequate shelter for displaced people.

 Finally, politicians from all blocs and alliances are waking up with folgers in their hands, saying it’s time to put political issue aside and focus on joining efforts to oust ISIL.

 From rumor land : Delta thinks law will be passed very fast.

  Millionday says as soon as they are internationally recognized and CBI has a budget that they can use to transfer the money where it goes.

  Poppy3 is excited at all possibilities and they are urgently completing.

 TerryK is getting word that we are within 72 hour window.

 Mt. Goat is optimistic they will complete it this time.

 Steve1 thinks we are finally at the end. PM doesn’t have to be named for this to happen, but the budget and HCL does.

 Frank26 thinks Sunday will show us many things.

 Okie Oil Man says he has been receiving nothing but progress, positive news. If all goes well, we are really at the end of the trail.

 Randy Koonce says we are coming to an end now with GOI being formed. Over the weekend till Tuesday seems to be the time to look for the GOI to be done, we are close.

 From the desk of Stryker says WTO moves Iraq to Article VIII.

 “World Trade Organization Moves Iraq Into Rev. 8 Status

 WT/ACC/IRQ/2/Rev.8 Status Complete

 Bodies of Working Party on Full Accession of Iraq to the WTO

 Bodies Working Party on the Accession of Iraq to the WTO

 Under ArticleS – WTO 1994 VII

 Articles WTO 1994 XII

Randy Koonce Update “Relax & Wait ….. We Are Close”

How are you makin it?    I am adding a date to archive..Thursday, July 31, 2014

 I have again waited a little while before I send out a note.. I am sending out a repeat to show that we are still in the same position we were the last note and all the BS that has happen with Iraq and the so called GURUS means nothing……….I did make the text larger for the questions and answers from last note till now…..

 I want everyone to breathe we are coming to an end now with the GOI getting formed….

We have been waiting for the GOI to form and it has taken every bit of patience that I can muster to let this thing happen. This is still Going on…………. That is why we do not look at dates and particular days.

  Question 1 is Maliki Out…….. up unitl now he has been fighting to remain part of the GOI but because of the last thing that he did to remain Prime Minister Like tell his generals to leave their post and let the militants over run them…

 Yes the fighting in Iraq going on right now is because of Maliki so Maliki will not be part of the GOI or even any position… Will he fight up to the last minute Yes Yes Yes…… but in the end it will not matter…..

 I will not say this again…… Unless Maliki can find a miracle to happen he will not be able to form the largest Block…. His own Party will not put him up now as the candidate….. So Maliki is OUT …..

I do not care what other people say…… If you read articles coming out there is only 1 that suggest Maliki to form a GOI…. the rest tell you that he will not be the candidate….

 Question 2 who will be the PM……. it will either be Chalibi or Madhi either one for us is fine….. we should know for sure in about a day…….. Right now it is Madhi

 Right Now Madhi

 Question 3 could it take longer for the PM to be seating….. Yes…but we do not think so if you listen to all the news the GOI will be formed by the first… that has been moved right now any time to get formed….

 The reason we get away from dates and just look for the event is since this is a multi headed snake you have different factions controlling the RV and GOI at any given time……

 Right now we know IRAQ is READY to show the GOI but why has it not shown….. the US is who Iraq is waiting on to give the ok to finish……

 Question 4 will the fighting stop the RV……. It has nothing to do with RV the money was only an issue if the US had troops that the militants could use the money to buy weapons against them….

 I left the questions on the this note from the last note to let you know we are still in the same position.



 Iraq will have to show their GOI before too long…. the last time they did this forming of a GOI after the election it went to the first of December… so I am showing you the time does not matter to them…… Will it take that long this time? I and this is opinion do not think the pressure on Iraq to form a GOI will let them go that long

 People seem to want to give up on this investment and at times I am frustrated….. but it would take the atomic bomb to get me to leave what i know is the truth that is coming.. if you want to get out then this investment was not for you……..

 If you are one of the ones who sees the violence and says this will never happen……. YOU are among the ones who has not a clue on the purpose of the RV and the fact they have been in this same situation since sadam hussein. and the Rate was 2.65 so it has not one thing to do with currency…..


 Check every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

 Do not let your emotions get to you. 

OVER the weekend until Tues seems to be the time…. to look for the GOI to be done……relax and wait… we are close….. do not pay attention to anything other than the formation of the GOI after that we will be done…………….

 BREATHE BREATHE……… Yes I will do a meeting after the RV…… do not worry I will send out email…..

Randy Koonce