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Sunday News Summaries by Aggiedad77 at KTFA

aggiedad77 » August 24th, 2014, 2:53 pm 

Sunday News Summaries and Commentaries

Asked the leaders of the blocs year of Mr. Haider Abadi, binding guarantees the implementation of the long list of demands that must be adhered to after the receipt of his constitutional duties, as a condition for their entry in the new government.

Bottom line to this article…..Abadi is holding strong to his belief that the political process is based on the Constitution and does not require or seek the terms, warranties, demands, or threats of anyone….IMO….Abadi has done remarkably well in fending off all the suggestions, demands, bribes and what have you that have been pitched in his direction over the past 10 days to 2 weeks…..he should be proud that he hasn’t knuckled under to anyone’s demands.

Trade poses a global tender for the processing of the ration card with 30 thousand tons of rice

Iraq is attempting to buy 30,000 tons of rice….from multiple sources…second only to Egypt in rice imports at this time.

Iraq pays the salaries of retirees abroad electronic card

Rafadain Bank announces that it will be paying salaries for retirees who live abroad with electronic cards……is this an Iraqi issued “Ki” card….or just an ATM card they might already have been issued from their respective local bank? Sounds like a “Ki” card.

Iraq and Belarus sign agreement, “the promotion and protection of investments”

So for at least a temporary time, Zebari is back in his role as Foreign Affairs Minister…..meeting with counterparts of Belarus and signing agreements that promote and protect investments between the two countries.

Vice chest expresses concern about the failure to approve the budget due to suspension of the relevant committee passage of the budget

So here we have a Parliament member of the Liberal bloc claiming that the committee responsible for the budget of 2014 has been suspended due to the head of the committee Abadi being taken away from the committee to form the new government….so he was the sole driving force behind the committee…no one else can step up to the plate and carry the ball for the committee….how pathetic is that…..this MP makes it sound like it is all me me me…..”I sent the budget to the government late last year….just more excuses why it isn’t moving forward….excuses…excuses…excuses.

Airlines going first trip around Guangzhou, Beijing and launches e-booking

Iraqi Airways launched new flights to China and is introducing e-bookings for customers as well.

Maliki’s bloc demanding Bmansbi Vice President and Parliament

Maliki’s bloc is now “demanding” a Vice President position in Parliament for one of their own….more and more “demands”…..doesn’t say much for integrity in my book if they have to demand, or feel they must demand….one would think that if Abadi came from the National Alliance bloc…that he should be replaced by a member of that bloc….not necessarily from the Dawa Party

Zarif praises al-Maliki in maintaining the stability of Iraq

The Iranian Foreign Minister has met with Maliki and praised him for the recent stability of Iraq….that almost sounds like a slap in the face IMO… Maliki…..has there been any real stability in Iraq…..especially in the last couple of months….I guess if he sees Maliki as truly the “outgoing PM”….he will say anything to him at this point.

Ethyl Najafi calls to internationalize “the issue of the Year” in Iraq and to provide protection to them internationalism

Najafi is calling for international help for the province of Diyala as has been witnessed in other provinces of Iraq already…..he calls upon the US and Europe specifically for help and aid.

Infallible and Allawi emphasize the importance of forming a government of national partnership

President Massoum and National List leader Allawi, appear in agreement that in forming the new government….there must be adequate representation of all parties that reflects a unified front for Iraq going forward…..once that has been accomplished then they can begin diligent work on getting terrorism under control and removing the unwanted terrorist ranks from various areas of Iraq as well as starting work in earnest on reconstruction and new development.

A brawl between deputies from the Federation to the House speaker

An old fashioned fist fight broke out in Parliament….what next…..the article isn’t exactly clear what the issues might have been, or just how far it got.

Source: the reopening of government banks in Mosul

Government banks in Mosul were seen opening their doors again for the first time since the terrorist take over of the city back on June 10……each bank has armed guards to help protect banking activities and bank customers….banking hours are running from 8 to 5 each day they are open.

Central Bank calls for banks to adhere to, regardless of the Iraqi dinar at the official rate

The CBI is calling upon private banks within Iraq to adhere to the established official rate of the Iraqi dinar that is set at the CBI official rate…..of interesting note….the CBI sets the rate at 1116 dinars to the USD.

Ornaments: optimistic to form a government soon, within the period of time the constitutional

Expectations are running high it seems that a government will be seated soon….as in this week, maybe as early as Monday or Tuesday…..we appear to be within the final 72 hours of Abadi’s process of selection.

Allawi: these demands submitted to the Abadi

Allawi talks about more demands being heaped upon Abadi as part of the selection process for his ministers…..of importance is the position that will oversee armed forces and local police forces…..Abadi has been holding strong to his pitch about competence as well as integrity…..we shall see where this gets him once his list of names are announced.

Iraqi Foreign thank Iran for its cooperation in the fight against terrorism

Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari praised Iran for their help and cooperation in fighting against terrorism….efforts between the two countries has been good in this regard.

Kurdistan Parliament held an emergency session tomorrow to discuss the situation of Sinjar

The Kurd Parliament is holding a session tomorrow, Monday, to talk about the Sinjar situation….DAASH forces pushed Peshmerga out of the area when they initially arrived….this is the mountainous area where many women and children and Christians have died….since the involvement of the US in air support many have been rescued from being trapped on or near mountaintops in the area.

Abadi determines tomorrow Deadline for receipt of the names of candidates for the ministries

So Monday be the deadline to get names to Abadi for consideration of his list of ministers….so does that throw out the possibility of him going before Parliament tomorrow….common sense would say yes….so things slide to Tuesday at the earliest it would seem now.

Parliament rapporteur: Presidency received names of candidates for the parliamentary standing committees

Names for standing committees within Parliament are being received by the Speaker of Parliament and he is beginning to recognize the names being put forth and that there should be a vote tomorrow so these committees can form and start to move forward with their expected work….each committee will elect a President after the formation of the government ….busy day for Parliament tomorrow.

Iraqi jurists in London: papers submitted to the court ready-Maliki

Human right’s activists are calling upon the UNSC to set up committees to implement an international investigation against Maliki and members of his government….to crimes against humanity….even as recent as the massacre in the mosque north of Baghdad…times ahead look a bit shaky for Maliki and clan.

Haider al-Abadi: determined to resolve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil

Exciting times face Abadi in his new role as Prime Minister…..what greater action could he start things out with under his watch than to see a resolution between Baghdad and Erbil….a major feather in his hat.

Abadi: essential coordination between the Central and Kurdistan to fight “daash”

Abadi recognizes the importance of the central government and the Kurds in fighting the terrorist organization DAASH…..and at the same time resolve Constitution issues between the two.

Family, . Please enjoy.  Randy

Tidbits from Frank26 and KTFA Members Saturday Afternoon


Frank26:  In a Land Far Far Away ……….. There is a Two for One Blue Light Special going on NOW.

IN this Land ………. While One TERROR is being removed by unknown Numbers and Forces in the streets without a name of Operation ……….. In Conjunction there is a Sterilization of Political Terror IN the GOI.

A Terrorist in BOTH or EITHER of these locations right now only knows to grab innocent ones to hide behind using them as shields as they continue to kill.

Ugly ….. Sad ………. But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is STOPPING nor DELAYING the LAVA FLOW of BOTH the GOI and CBI NOW.

K’s ………… Mission Accomplished ………. AGAIN.

IMO ………. You will kinda read about it in 1 to 2 days.

Good to see but what we see with the CBI is better !

“MY LADIES” ………… As I told You ……. THE CBI SO WANTS TO TALK !!!

They are getting closer to doing so BUT ………. Their Lava Flow allows GOI’s to catch up.

KTFA Family ………. You know who else so wants to talk ?    ME ………..

Aloha Saturn day …………..

KTFA,   Frank


  Kerry Zebari: Iraqi parties to avoid the requirements of the government in return for participation    08/23/2014 17:23

Tomorrow’s Press / BAGHDAD: Foreign Minister George John Kerry in a conversation conducted over the phone with his Iraqi counterpart, Hoshyar Zebari, said the administration offered to support a “strong” for the formation of a new government in Iraq.

The State Department said in a statement that “Kerry stressed in the telephone conversation that he had with Zebari on the importance of the Iraqi parties to work collectively in order to avoid placing requirements hinder the formation of a new government, a comprehensive”.

The two sides agreed that “Iraq stands in the first row in the war against gangs Daash and the international community should respond to this threat.”

The Kurdistan Alliance in the 18th of the current month of August, that his participation in the next government, subject to their agreement to the conditions and basic constitutional, noting that those conditions include pay the dues of the Kurdistan region and the application of Article 140 of the Constitution and resolve disputes relating to oil and gas.  LINK


  Hmmm…… All together now …… Lets sing:

Secure the Politics ………. Sit The Full GOI …….. Pass LAWS …….. Open a Budget …….. Approve the replacement of their Program Rate ……… Give it to them CBI or TALK ………. Then …….. Ta Da

Let it be remembered ……. The NEW GOI ………. The CBI ………. The IMF ……… They Citizens …….. THE KURDS WANT THE FULL HCL !!!

Now that’s ………….. UNITY!!!

KTFA,    Frank


JJones:  Parliament decides to make its meeting held secret now


Frank26: ..……. NOW?    JUST NOW ??   REALLY???

OK ………… Silly Rabbits.

KTFA Family ….. They have BEEN doing this for many many months this year ….. For them to tell You this is REALLY REALLY GOOD.

 EVERYONE wants to talk ………. But not just yet.

Hmmm……….. Fascinating Times ……. They all are.

KTFA,   Frank


JJones:  An empty House Chamber Parliament lifted its 9th to Monday

Range press/Baghdad

The Iraqi Parliament Presidency decided, on Saturday, the 9th Parliament session of the third session of Parliament later Monday, as seen at the referral incident base Speicher and execution of air force students to the defense and Security Committee, which will vote on it during the next meeting.

A parliamentary source said in an interview with the (long press), “the House speaker, Salim Al-Juburi the adjournment of the 9th meeting of the third session, held today, to be held after the Monday”, stating that “the meeting saw discussion of the incident base Speicher and executed students attend Air Force Commander Saladin, the Commander of federal police in Salah al-Din, Deputy Interior Minister Adnan Al-Assadi said.

The source, who asked not to be named, said “the Parliament decided to refer the incident to the Committee and Spyker, which will be voted on at the parliamentary standing committees during the next meeting.”

The Iraqi Parliament was to convene on Saturday, (23 August 2014), 9th meeting of the third session of Parliament headed by Salim al-Jabouri, in the presence of 244 deputies Commander Saladin, Commander of federal police in Salah al-Din, Deputy Minister of the Interior, with the agenda of the meeting to discuss the incident base Speicher and execution of air force cadets and sworn deputies who did not play.

He was organizing (daash), was executed Sunday (15 June 2014), dozens of college students at the air force base (Spyker), North of Tikrit, comes days after the surrender, and he was released about 800 students to “order of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”, published photographs of the execution, and it had not been possible for the “range” to verify the information from other sources.
The Organization (daash), impose on (11 June 2014), full control of Tikrit, (170 kilometers) North of Baghdad, and a role, East of the city, the hometown of former Iraqi Vice President Izzat Al-Douri, and spend sharqat, (120 km north of Baghdad), without a fight, the police forces and clans of expulsion of dhuluiya, (100 km south of Tikrit).    LINK


Frank26.…….. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Abdul …. I got the pizzas ….. Where they at brother???!!!    lol

Meeting in a SECRET PLACE.    OHHHHH CISCO ………… OHHHHHH ABDUL !!!! ……….

KTFA,   Frank



 Sager » August 23rd, 2014, 9:58 am 

August 23, 2014

Central banks need to be civil unified exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar

Committed the Iraqi Central Bank and private banks own pledge, regardless of the Iraqi dinar by price due from the central bank.

The statement said the central bank said that “the Central Bank is required of all private banks at the exchange rate of the dinar selected by him.”

He added that “the banks to adhere to this pledge uncles to ensure market stability and liquidity in the money markets.”

The central bank sets the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar by 1116 danara US dollar each.

The central policy depends balance by pumping local market need to foreign currency and not to allow a monopoly, but it imposes on the definition of a mechanism to provide buyers use the money procured from its daily auction to sell the currency Alajunbah.

aggiedad77 » Hello Family…when I awoke I had the sensation that the stars are beginning to align over Iraq……no idea of a date/rate of course but I believe the meridians are straightening and finding harmony with themselves….there is still much tragedy but life is changing for the Iraqis….slowly but surely….actually not slowly but rather swiftly of late IMO.  

Blessings to you all    Randy

BLC Admin Tlm724 News & Comments

Expectations of growth of e-commerce and its development in Iraq

[tlm724] this type of trade in Iraq for possession of the basic components have represented the spread of Internet service across the country

[tlm724] when they built up the internet providers they advanced the ability for e commerce , they have building the system over the last several years, one step at a time

[tlm724] that this type of trade emerged in Iraq since 2007

[tlm724] that the activity of trade has made ​​a comeback strongly after the emergence of websites

  [tlm724] that the revitalization of this trade and activated in the largest requires the development of electronic payment means to meet the requirements of consumers in the region,

[tlm724] including guarantees them the introduction of money into Iraq from their assets abroad

[tlm724] pointing out that the introduction of money into the country’s toughest him taken out and transferred because of stringent measures to prevent the laundering operations

[tlm724] so its difficult to transfer money, need to correct that to ease the transfers

[tlm724] the importance of the opening credits of electronic banks for remittances,

[tlm724] the central bank had said earlier in the possibility of expanding the work of banks and money transfer companies and mobile phone companies and the exercise of any the activities of electronic payment

[tlm724] we saw the CBI announcements about this and they were accepting the licensing applications from interested parties

[tlm724] rate of growth in electronic payments doubling annually

[tlm724] the spread of mobile phones in the smart play a major role in the growth of dependence on electronic payment,


Rafidain Bank intends to pay the salaries of retirees living outside Iraq electronic card

[tlm724] this show us two things 1. the electronic cards are up to par 2. the Rafidain Bank, which is a state owned bank, has settled 90 % of their debt !


Three paths to cover the fiscal deficit

[tlm724] so the continued crisis is costing Iraq a boatload of money but the have the means to cover this deficit through external sources such as the IMF, World Bank etc using special drawing rights

[tlm724] the version recent budget confirms the rationalization of consumption after doubling the financial allocations for the security forces in the fight against terrorism

[tlm724] showed al-Tamimi, the deficit this year will be the unintended but real, hinting that Iraq probably will be forced to issue money orders and treasury bonds, meaning there is internal borrowing, and if he had, it could resort to external borrowing. Tamimi and reassured citizens and employees and retirees that the monthly salaries will be spent in a timely manner, even in the hot spots and there are no effects on them.

[tlm724] so they will be forced to issue more T bills and more than likely borrow from many sources but they are assuring the people they will get their salaries


Abadi gives partners 72 hours to submit their candidates

[tlm724] Abadi gives partners 72 hours to submit their candidates , he is laying the law down !

[tlm724] Khalid al-Asadi called for political blocs to complete the dialogues and to provide candidates for the ministries in no later than next Monday,

[glory8516] I like this guy !!

[tlm724] he wants the names so he can move forward before the constitutional window closes on Sept 9th


The central bank is required of private banks at the exchange rate of the dinar is specified

[tlm724] the central bank obliges all private banks at the exchange rate of the dinar selected by him.”

[tlm724] “the banks to adhere to this pledge uncles to ensure market stability and liquidity in the money markets.

[tlm724] so the CBI sets the rate and all must use that rate, period ! that creates stability

Iraq is reducing the notes

8-22-20147 Breitling The note count was about 9 billion and it represented 30 Trillion dinar….but no one knows the exact number…They said they were going to reduce the note count and increase the value…their original target was 1 billion notes at $3 plus per dinar…They’ve come out with 3 articles within the last 12 months. Last October they said they reduced the number of notes from 6 billion to 4 billion with plans to go from 4 billion to 1 billion…but they had just got to 6 billion. …In the third or fourth month of this year they came out and said they were at 4 billion notes. We’re watching them go for the target…why wouldn’t they also go for raising the rate too? That’s confirmation from the CBI that they are going to do what they said they’re going to do…that’s proof since we’re sitting back and looking at the numbers.

Tman talks about monetary change.

tman23 Nobody knows when the CBI will introduce the monetary change that includes a new rate…The most notible fact we have is that the GOI must begin drafting their 2015 Budget mid October. That fact alone tells us that the CBI needs to give them the new rate for the currency before the drafting of the 2015 budget, if in fact the CBI has plans to raise it substantially, which dinar speculators believe to be the case.


Currency Chatter Members : A Few Notes Of Interest

DreamWeaver:  Jt, hopefully XXXXX isn’t insulted as I did not direct this at him personally, but the concept that Maliki is out of the country and there’s some type of rouse to keep it looking as though he is … well it’s nonsensical to me in light of reports and my own intuition. 

And as far as that great friend to dinarians being back in the country. 

Anyone who read the threads yesterday already knows that Shabibi, the friend to our community, is about to be exonerated, so that point need not have been quite so cryptic and veiled in mystery, as there is no way for us to yet know if Shabibi is back in the country.  All of this is just my personal opinion.

I’m not at all vested in any one viewpoint being true, as I’m coming from a purely objective perspective, so Mystic, there is nothing for me to let go of as I’m not holding any preconceived concepts. 

  And I’m certainly not going to just give intel-providers or anyone a pass when their posts are illogical.  

That was the entire point of my post and whether you or anyone else “knows where I stand” is irrelevant to why I post.  If you view my post as being “critical” and I “need to let this all go” IMO that’s a tactic to try and make questioning people like me, with no personal agenda, to just sit down and be quiet.  That’s not going to happen, Mystic, but I respect your right and everyone’s right to see it that way.  Best. DW.

Mike:    Keep posting, DW, there is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking the truth. This has been a pretty wild thread, there was a lot of effort to circumvent the news as it was reported to support the intel that started it. 

 Brule:   Congress Nineveh: the popular movement kills 50 terrorists from Daash day

Thursday, 21 August / August 2014 13:25

 Congress declared the province of Nineveh for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on Thursday, for the popular movement of the population of the province killing 50 terrorists, gangs Daash day.

 The MP said Knight friend at a news conference with deputies from his party building, the House of Representatives attended reporter Agency all of Iraq [where] that “the popular movement in the Nineveh liver terrorist groups large losses estimated at 50 people per day,” calling “the Ministry of Commerce to provide food for all citizens in Nineveh. “

 He asked the Ministry of Municipalities “to pay the salaries of the contracts have been suspended for three months in Nineveh,” noting that “the province suffers from a lack of fuel, especially gasoline and therefore call for the treatment of this matter by the federal government, as well as also demand that health by providing drugs for all hospital Nineveh.”

 It is said that Nineveh province is witnessing more than two months and the security situation tragic because of the control of the terrorist gangs Daash to maintain what has led to the displacement of dozens of its residents to the–50-.html

Phillyman:  Just curious, I would love to stay on the lojak train but how do you explain Italy’s Prime Minister meeting with Maliki? Is he part of the coverup?

Rileysetter:     Phillyman    let’s see:

1.  It was a body double

2.  It was staged event in another country

3.  Its an old photo

4.  M was flown in just for the photo op then flown back out to his current lodging 90 minutes by air from Baghdad

I may have missed it, but has anyone considered that the man may actually still be in Baghdad.  I know  this flies in the face of the exhalted “intel”… but come on.

DreamWeaver:      Philly, IMO the explanation may not be forthcoming or the continuation of the same concept that Maliki isn’t really there.  Ignore reality.  Accept illusion.  All in an attempt to be right. 

In all honesty, though, to me no proving needs to be done, either way, as that sometimes involves people having to set aside or embrace their preconceived ideas or beliefs.  Tough to do. 

But I’ve been doing that since childhood, so it’s not tough for me.  I just remain neutral, gathering data, weighing thoughts, comparing them to other thoughts, allowing my own logic and intuition to guide. It works.  Been on track about a lot of things so far.

Up until yesterday, I was still on the fence about whether or not there was “a plan” in motion as carried to us by Lojak.  Today, I’m not at all believing there is a plan as it feels too much like smoke and mirrors to me and once that feeling starts, I just push whatever is causing that feeling off to the side. 

Personally not interested in trying to figure out WHY something doesn’t ring true as that can be a Pandora box of muddled up half-truths.  I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing, confident that the RV will happen but not at all aware of exactly how or when or at what rate.

 Detached from all of that.  Keeps me peaceful and open to possibilities.  If it turns out that XXXXX or Tlar or Randy or Kap or anyone here was right in what they put forth, that would be fine with me. 

I’m not into ego or needing to be right.  I’m a detective, shifting through clues, looking for the truth with no personal agenda at all, which some will believe and others won’t.  All the same, eventually the truth stands in its own light.  My purpose is to stand right there waiting for it to be revealed.  Best.  DW

Rockstar:  Awesome replies DreamWeaver and thanks for sticking to your guns!!! You have every right to post exactly what you have and if people don’t want to read the truth than they can’t just pass it up just as the gurus state, if you don’t like it than don’t

it just seems most really want to hear the secret intel and always take it as the gospel truth! I sure hope all these people with blinders on listen to this next message!!! After the RV please make sure you get very qualified wealth advisors and wealth management team in place ASAP!

Because just like the lottery winners 80% of you will be broke within 3 to 5 years! This is a one shot deal folks you will never have this opportunity again in your lifetime! While it is fun to listen to these people who have a crazy need to be idolized on a Dinar forum for their two minutes of fame….you Must use your common sense really!

Rileysetter, you are absolutely correct!!! It’s so funny how people completely ignore the obvious or facts and would rather believe the intel…lol… And we wonder why the Jerry Springer show lasted on tv for so long!

Oldwazhisname:  I really appreciate your common sense, DW. And having you articulate it so well helps put my own feelings in better perspective. The one thing I would like to add to this conversation is that if XXXXX Randy K and Tlar, or any other guru-type, really has the community’s best interests in mind they would speak up at some point to help the whole community realize what we’re all up against – bad intel and how to protect us all from it.

 I’m not saying that they somehow assert this as a fraud (probably nearly all of us don’t believe that). But to the extent that they receive certain inside intel from sources and they, in turn, become mouthpieces for that intel (that has been proven wrong on key points – look, any intel purveyor can get a feel for direction and more or less get it right –

what I’m talking about is substantive deep perspective, like “The Plan”), they should have the integrity to come back to the community and explain some things.

Tlar has been great about explaining why he trusts his source and he is probably the best in the community at connecting the dots. Lojak says he has 5 -6 sources in the right places.

 Randy speaks with such authority. If this latest key precuser event turns out to evolve into another explanation that “the plan has changed” outcome, I would hope that the guru-types who are thinkers and closer to the situation than any of us would try to explain the how and why and help protect the community better from bogus intel providers.

 Not bashing XXXXX or Tlar for they just pass on what they believe is trustworthy intel. But they also are probably best to judge what went wrong and whether they were originally duped and just as importantly “why?”. This effort by even just one of them would distinguish that one from the rest of the pack.

Mike: For me, it’s always been pretty simple, intel has never been right. Traditional sources are not fool proof, but when you see photo’s and numerous sources pointing to an event that occurred, you can be reasonably confident that the news is right.  Just once, I’d like the intel to prove true so that we can exchange these dinars and never think about Iraqi politics again.

Brule:  The Ten Year Plan is a fact, and adherance to the plan is also a fact.  If you take a wider look at what has taken place in Iraq, it is very impressive, and followed a plan. 

I have said over and over that we see the chaos (Maliki) but there has been a a group moving forward with the plan.  Don’t listen to what they say, but listen to what they do. 

Any “intel” will become blurred when dealing with an emerging and complicated country like Iraq, and a maniacal dictator, especially a dictator and his cronies that are scrambling to save their lives, literally, here at the end.

 Unless you are the one pushing the button on the assassin squad, there is no controlling Maliki and his PR team, and delays and bumps are going to happen, and is what has happened IMO. 

This is so typical of human nature to look for the salacious and sensational, rather than the boring trudge of progress.

Schiz:  Nina has always been right, she has been my intel guru for a long long time now :)

If it aint on nina it aint true!

M was on nina meeting people in baghdad, what does that = to me…yup you guessed it, its TRUE :D

But who cares right?

Turki said he wants to see the new government, he hasn’t got that yet. Makes no differrence if M is there or not.

I don’t understand why him being out of country has been hyped up so much?!  it doesn’t matter!!

Turki didnt say when the government is settled and M is out of Iraq, did he?

He is the only guru you want to listen to!

HighFive:  Brule, Agreed!  And where there is a plan, there is sure to be politics involved. 

My math:

Plan + Iraq (Maliki/GOI x CBI – S) Politics (USA X 10th power + (X2)G20) = RV + or – coming days.

The plan is subject to variables.  Thanks Lojak for keeping us informed about what you know/hear. 

Brenda:  …great post a nutshell..logical..someone has a plan..and is carrying it out…we watch and wait..

Skylimit:  Right on Brule, when the main actors in a plan go off course adjustments must be made. Iraq is a soverign country wrapped with US and Western interests, which can complicate the heck out of things. 95% of intel is BS and the great generals are great because they know which 5% to believe.

 We are seekers here trying to figure out the 5% of intel that matters in this endeaver.

Two things we know for sure is that Iraq will not continue with an artificially low currency rate when they go international and both Iraq and the US needs this to happen.

Further, Maliki is out and O signed the Executive Order to release the DFI funds and remove Iraq from the OFAC list so O’s now on board. Combine this with the ISX, banking and other economic upgrades now completed and I think we can infer we are closing in on completing the plan.

CBI Rate

Announcement No. (2750)

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 21-08-2014 results were as follows:

Number of banks 16
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 193,806,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 193,806,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Exchange rates   LINK

Bits and Pieces Late Wednesday Night


Who did what to stop the roll out of the GCR on 8/18?

Theory Posted by Donna S. on August 20, 2014

The roll out started on 8/18 per Exo intel.  Tony and DC talked about someone going to far that stopped it.  Hmmmm….I have a possible scenario.  Please let me explain.  On 8/18 President Obama was to deliver a speech and it was reported that no one knew what it was about.  I believe it was a pre recorded speech, and I believe it was to be the announcement of the gold and asset backed currency.  

What happened to that recorded speech?  I am proposing that whomever Tony and DC were talking about when they said they had gone to far, they were talking about someone stopping the airing of that announcement.  I don’t know how they stopped it, maybe taking the tape, destroying it or some other means.

The speech that we saw aired was cut and spliced 3 or 4 times.  You’ll see it if you watch it and know what you are looking for…changes of scenes, for instance in the spliced in part, the flags were different…noticeably different.  They had to take out the ‘dated’ material, such as his remarks about the legislature he passed while he was in the State Senate and that was back when he didn’t have any grey hair and people didn’t know how to pronounce his name.  

Those type of things that people would recognize from his prior speech had to be cut and spliced, but other than that, the speech was the same as the previous speech he gave on Iraq Ferguson…except for spliced in parts, that is.  (There was a conversation on the forum about this)

….So, my analysis is that once again the announcement of NESARA was stopped, but this time, only for a moment.  Per Exo intel, the button will soon be pushed again and we will see the GCR and the great flip that is coming for the whole world.


August 20, 2014  here’s some intel just recieved: Back Wall 8/26  - Incoming GOI Monday/Outgoing GOI tuesday;  PBX (possible) Friday/sat….Can it be that the cheese is anchored to a mountain of gold…

NewEarthNow > omegaman August 20, 2014 YES, It’s anchored to a mountain of gold with MORE THAN ENOUGH for all of us to live our dreams and help our loved ones live theirs as well!  :)

DinarGrubber August 20, 2014 Hopefully this means Zap is preparing the final newsletter for Sunday (or Monday).


About the Poofness midweek update…

Date: Wednesday, 20-Aug-2014 19:17:07

Hi, Folks – Just received word from Susan that there will be no midweek update this week.

Blessings. –hobie



Topic: A peaceful mind and rested body will be our most cherished asset at exchange



[BigDog-OH] Is this the end of the barren years in Iraq?

[xyz] Fed can now never return to quantitative easing Trading Deck: The Fed’s actions have not had the effect that it had hoped, but to do more quantitative easing would open it up to suggestions it has little t



Special Wednesday Conference Call. Approx. 140  Minutes long. 

The first part is Bible Study and Science. The second part is Iraq/dinar Intel

PLAYBACK # : 760.569.7699 PIN: 156996#



[beach] 8-20-2014  Millionday [is Turki still in a "proxy" position? If so, does he have authority to initiate the rise in dinar value?]

He has been given the power to raise the value and is now referred to as the gov of cbi so as far as a formal announcement i have not seen it but see that he is followed with the name gov of cbi — he was given power months ago.


[beach] You Might Be A Dinarian Addict If:

1. You answer the phone saying “Are we rich yet?”.

2. You’re counting dinar instead of sheep to rock yourself to sleep

3. You’re watching Al Jaezeera TV more than CNN and Fox News

4. You get excited when you hear the words “YOU’VE GOT MAIL”

5. You know when all the Iraqi holidays and prayer times are

6. You begin to “think big” and $5 million dollars doesn’t seem like that much money anymore .

7. You now know more about Middle East geography than a 7th grader

8. You abbreviate all important phrases and companies into (3) letters and know what they mean

9. You change your name to one word to match your friends: Okie, Blaino, Poppy, Bondlady, Med, Breitling

10. And finally, you end every statement “Nuff Said!’