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Nadita File – 11/26/2014  Brought From Dinar Daily

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 Fighting ISIS : A-J516 reported US military conducts ten airstrikes against ISIS in Syria since Monday.  Airstrikes near the strategic city of Kobani targeted ISIS fighting positions, tactical units and staging areas.  

Separately, US and coalition partners led by Sandfly carried out seven airstrikes in Iraq that targeted ISIS vehicles, occupied buildings, fighting units and a checkpoint.  

Chess heard Pres. Obama to hold talks at the White House next week with Jordan’s King Abdullah.  WH says the military campaign to counter ISIS in Iraq and Syria will top the agenda.  The leaders are also expected to discuss the ongoing civil war in Syria, which has led to a refugee crisis in neighboring Jordan.  

Ferguson Crisis : Genx4me says a prayer for business owners and residents in Ferguson, MO boarding up windows and clearing debris after two nights of unrest following Monday’s grand jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown. 

Authorities say there was relative calm in the St. Louis suburb Tuesday night.  Gov. Jay Nixon (D) crediting the ramped up presence and action of the Missouri National Guard. 

Police say they made 58 arrests, mostly for failure to disperse, protesters set fire to a squad car and broke windows at city hall, according to authorities. 

Meanwhile, Skrappyone heard protesters storm St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday, forcing police to lock down the building and call in reinforcements.  At least three people were arrested, including one on an assault charge.  The protesters were part of a group that marched and held a mock trail of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Captl1 doesn’t feel good as he hears St. Louis county police say they are searching for an AR-15rifle stolen from one of the police cruisers set on fire during Monday night’s violence in Ferguson, MO. 

Authorities say the high powered rifle is the only county police weapon taken in the disturbances.  Eleven police cars have been damaged or destroyed in the two nights of unrest in the St. Louis suburb. 

Other News : Toyota Motor will recall 422,509 of its luxury brand Lexus vehicles in US to a possible fuel leak that increases the risk of fire.  The recall covers Lexus LS 2007-2010, Lexus GS and IS 2006-2011. Cynthia AH is going to take her car in.

NHTSA demanding airbag maker Takata Corp. admit that its airbag inflators are defective and issue a nationwide recall by Tuesday.  In a letter to Takata, the NHTSA threatens the Japanese manufacturer with fines and legal action unless the company expands its recall from high humidity states to the entire country. 

Takata maintains the airbag problems are caused by prolonged exposure to airborne moisture and that there is no need for a national recall. 

Meanwhile, Boosterbglee reads safety regulators say at least two air bags have ruptures outside high humidity states.  Takata’s airbags have the potential to inflate with too much force, propelling metal shards into the passenger compartment.  The defective airbags have been blamed for at least five deaths and multiple injuries worldwide.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes heart procedure.  Court says the 81 year old justice had surgery Wed morning to place a stent in her right coronary artery.  The justice had some discomfort last night during routine exercise and was taken to the hospital.  She is expected to leave the hospital in the next 48 hours.

Obama admin announces plans to cut levels of smog-forming pollution in the air.  EPA calling for a new, lower threshold for ground level ozone pollution of 65 to70 parts per billion.  Current standard of 75 parts per billion was put in place by Pres. Bush in 2008.  Health and environmental groups are backing the new standard, while industry groups say complying with stricter regulations would be too costly.

People traveling ahead of Thanksgiving could face wintry weather, particularly in the NYC-Boston corridor.  National Weather Service says major northeast cities are likely to see moderate to heavy rain most of the day Wednesday, with a  threat of snow following. 

Higher elevation areas west of the I-95 corridor could see as much as 6-12 inches before the northeastern exits Wednesday night. Winter storm causes hundreds of flights to be cancelled.

Millionaire in training is taken a bit surprise as European Commission Pres announces $393B investment plan to stimulate the EU’s struggling economy.  Jean Claude Juncker says the five year plan would provide a kick start to the economy, with potential to create up to 1.3M new jobs.

 Stimulus plan calls for a $26B loan fund for infrastructure projects across the continent.

 Critic says the plan isn’t feasible, as the European Commission proposal calls for more than $300B in private investment. 

Calkid11 gives two thumbs up for US special forces took part in a secret rescue to free eight hostages held by al qaeda fighters in Yemen.  The official said no Americans were among those rescued.  Yemeni officials says the OP took place I a vast al qaeda haven near the Saudi border.

Uneek reported WHO says 600 new cases of Ebola were reported in West Africa this week, most of those in Sierra Leone.  WHO says infections appear to be stabilizing in Guinea and stabilizing or declining in Liberia but increasing in Sierra Leone.

In all, WHO says 15,935 have been stricken with Ebola with 5,689 people dying.  Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information says the Ebola outbreak in the West African nation may have reached its peak and be close to slowing down. 

Drj says the worst could be over with the imminent completion of two British built treatment centers.  However, WHO says infections are still increasing in Sierra Leone, which has more than 6,000 of Africa’s approx 15,000 reported cases. 

Eburt smiles as he finds out smoking rate for adults in the US dipped below 18% for the first time last year, according to a government report.  CDC says 17.8% of adults described themselves as smokers, which translates to about 42M people nationwide. 

Report released Wednesday finds smoking is more common among certain groups such as the poor, less educated, and gays and bisexuals.  Nation’s smoking rate had stalled at around 20-21%, until it started dropping a few years ago.

Karsten can’t believe a rare wooly mammoth skeleton sells for nearly $300,000 at a British auction.  Auction House says the skeleton was one of the most complete examples of the ice age mammal.  The skeleton had been part of a private collection in eastern Europe. 

Snowglobe heard Cleveland police say two officers told a 12 year old boy with a  pellet gun three times to show his hands before they opened fire, fatally wounding the boy.  Authorities released 911 audio recordings and a surveillance video of the incident, in which the two police officers were responding to a report of an armed man in a Cleveland Park. 

Authorities say the officers shot 12 year old Tamir Rice after Rice reached into his waistband for what appeared to be a firearm.  Police have identified the officers involved in the shooting as 26 year old Timothy Loechmann and 46 year old Frank Garmback.  The incident is currently under investigation and the two officers involved have been placed on leave. 

The bull climbed 12 points on the slippery slope to 17,827.  S&P500 gained 5 points to close at 2,072.  Nasdaq is also smiling today for gaining 29 points at trading today, closing at 4,787.  Gold closed at $1,190, silver at $16.29, copper at $2.97.  Crude oil closed at $72.82.

Wiljor is doing happy dance as he finds out gas prices in some states are seeing $2.48/gallon.  America is producing 9M bpd.  It is estimated to produce 11M in 18 months.  Currently we are importing 2.9M from Saudi Arabia, lowest in 30 years. OPEC producers agree not to cut output. 

The OPEC meeting will be one of its most crucial in recent years, with oil having tumbled to below $75 a barrel due to the US shale boom and slower economic growth in China and Europe. Could we see oil price at $65/barrel??

Target and Walmart are downgraded.  United Technology (UTX) is upgraded by Wells Fargo, even after CEO Louis Chenevert is retiring which he holds the position as CEO for six years.  He will be replaced by Gregory Hayes.

Pandora is downgraded by FBR.  Seadrill (SDRL) is trading near session low, down 22.79%, closed at $15.99.  Canadian Pacific (CP) gained 37.06% in one year, closing today at $209.88.

GoPro(GPRO) rallied in the last two days of trading, closing at $79.05, gaining another 5.81%.  Black Friday definitely brings some good exposure for GoPro.

From Dinar Land : Vietnam1969 reported  Kurdish fighters protecting Kobani fought ISIL aided by US led coalition airstrikes.  Kobani has become the war of will and perseverance as the lines have not moved much from both camps.  

Heavy fighting between Iraqi security forces backed by volunteers and ISIL in the center of Beiji.  

As reported before, Beiji has been liberated last week but the terrorists managed to sneak in four of the city’s 12 neighborhoods.  Beiji is also a major supplies and communications route for ISIL.  

S.Fitz heard the office of Iraq’s President said in order to shift authority from central government to provinces will require to visit 120,000 laws and by laws that affect the structure of provinces’ institutions and transferring power from the federal government.  It is time consuming and labor intensive but it can be done. 

Nfire was with PM Abadi when he vowed to get to the bottom of Speicher massacre.  He instructed his office to create a special panel to deal with and assist the victims’ families. 

USA Rice Federation won the latest rice tender for the Iraqi market.  The Federation was awarded a contract for 120,000 metric tons of very high quality long grain rice. Thriver is smiling as commission check will be pretty fat for brokering the rice contract. 

Minister of Electricity vowed to solve the electricity crisis within a short period of time.  He said every residence, business and factory will enjoy uninterrupted power supply soon.  The ministry will repair and maintain every existing power plant and distribution center as soon as possible as security allows.  

From Rumor Land : Poppy3 has a rumor that 44 countries coming in Saturday where going to be addressed by the new president of ISX.  If this turns out to be true, we will hear the rate soon.  

Pepperoni on pizza brings breaking news of Shabibi’s acquittal of the charges and prison sentence.  

Millionday says fair market value means the reality rate, as it is calculated for global trade with all countries.  

Bob hears rumors of the return of former CBI governor Sinan Al Shabibi appear true today.  Stories are surfacing of an acquittal of all charges. 

Stryker says it sure looks like the budget may make it to parliament before the end of the month and be read, extending this session until it’s voted on and passed. 

 Backdoc thinks anything is possible at any time.  TerryK hears they may pull the trigger late tonight. 

From our own Adam Montana : When HCL is in place, with Abadi actually bridging the gap between the Sunnis and Shiites, the CBI will have no reason left to delay raising the value of the dinar and that means CHA-CHING J

The spin stops here J send your comments to #naditafile,  Dinar Thug is next, good night everyone J

“Better Late Than Never” : Thoughts From Dr. Dinar

*Better Late Than Never* by Dr. Dinar

As time ticks by, one thing becomes more and more apparent. What I thought would happen pertaining to the RV/GCR seems to be quite a bit different than what appears to be rolling out before our eyes.

Roll this around for a bit and see if it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

We’ve heard for years there will be tears … ooops, I mean Tiers. Not only in the process of getting to the end of the RV/GCR but also in the exchange process.

Meaning that the Big Wig Crooksters will obviously go first. They appear to be a Tier above Tier 1. Or at least they think so anyway.

Then it will be what I always considered to be Tier 1, the so called VIP’s, Countries, Governments, etc. that will get to exchange. Which for the most part we began to hear about just over a year ago.

I myself believe the Banks themselves have been trading behind the scenes for the past few years as a way to bolster their Reserves, helping them to become Basel III compliant. But that’s another story.

So basically we have these Tiers that have been exchanging for quite some time. Things didn’t get ugly until about a year or so ago when we first got word that the Banksters were doing their own version of the Crooked Friends & Their Crooked Families Plan.

And as much as we hated it, at least that showed some type of progress for lack of a better word.

And for the past couple few years those of us in the larger (in theory Tier 2) Groups were told that thanks to not only our large numbers but our being well organized as well as well behaved (No bank parking lot campouts nor Texas buses for us, no Sir), that we would go long before the general public.

Yet as the clock continues to tick away, that seems to be anything but the case. What if by chance they decided that since they already had a list of our names and a relative guesstimate of our ‘holdings’ (at least as of two years ago, which I’m sure has at least quadrupled if not fivedrupled since then),  they have decided that we are no longer going to get preferential treatment. That we are no longer ‘special’.

Since they already have us figured out, contracts seemingly drawn up and rates basically figured out, that they will just shove us to the end of the line.

No need to squeeze us in prior to the public release because they now have the NDA’s (which they didn’t have two plus years ago) to keep our lips zipped.

Therefore there won’t be a problem with letting us exchange at the same time as the public because they know we will keep our eyes straight ahead and form a single file line as instructed.

Once we receive our emails, we will immediately put down our crack pipes, put in our false teeth and assume perfect dinarbot mode. And waiver we shall not for fear of getting our backs clawed.

So in essence we have moved from semi high priority Tier 2 down to lowly scraping for scraps Tier 3 (or Tier 4 if there is such a thing) due to our own due diligence doing us in.

That’s not to say that we won’t get to exchange but our dreams of being in the Bahamas while everybody else was still glued to their computer screens, waiting for the new CBI site to pop up have all been washed away with the tide.

As much as I hate to believe this is what’s happening, our attempt at being on top of things just might have sent us straight to the bottom of the pile.

Unfortunately this really makes more and more sense to me and it explains why we are no longer a priority (nor a concern) of any sort.

Sure, all the mini groups are going through because they have contracts and rates and are small enough to get shoved through the process without any fanfare.

As well as a few chosen ‘guppies’ along the way just for the halibut.

But it’s us big fish that they’re saving for last, knowing that we’ll more than likely be making our appointments as instructed and going to Exchange Centers (not rushing the banks) or even the Currency Dealers for our Currency Exchanges.

Notice I didn’t say Cash In nor Cash Out but CURRENCY EXCHANGE? They learned us toothless folk well.

So while this might not be anything even remotely close to what’s going on, this scenario is beginning to fit this crazy puzzle more and more with each and every window coming to a close.

But as always, I will never waiver in my belief of this merely being a question of ‘when’ it will happen, not ‘if’ it will happen.

So let’s all hang in there. There’s just too much visual evidence for all to see that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to seeing our dreams come to fruition.

Happy Thanksgiving To All      Dr. Dinar

Tokyo’s core consumer price inflation 2.4% vs. 2.3% forecast – Tokyo’s core consumer price inflation fell less-than-expected last month, official data showed on Thursday.

In a report, the Statistics Bureau said that Tokyo’s core CPI, which excludes fresh food costs fell to at an annualized rate of 2.4%, from 2.5% in the preceding month.

Analysts had expected Tokyo’s core CPI to fall to 2.3% last month. offers an extensive set of professional tools for the financial markets.
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Delay in state budget showed negative impact on Iraq’s economy

MP, Jenan Barsem, of the Citizen Bloc assured that the delay in endorsing the State Budget reflected negatively on the economy of Iraq and prevented thousands of Iraqis from jobs.
In a statement, Barsem reported, ”The delay in endorsing 2014 State Budget reflected negatively on the implementation of many development projects and Iraqi economy where she ruled out to endorse the Budget legally since the financial year almost ended.”


The Big Call for Thursday Nov 27th is at 9PM ET

The Big Call for Thursday Nov 27th is at 9PM ET

We will discuss the latest about the economic reform occurring throughout the world…subjects for future calls…and talk about how to be ready for our exchange. Join us tonight to be part of the precelebration.  

Participant Line is 559-726-1150 and Listener Only line 530-881-1150

No access code is needed for either line. Q and A is still working fine  

Playback number: (559)726-1159 access code 123456#

Link will be given to  Recaps following the call.  

Thank you for posting. We appreciate Dinar Recaps for the wonderful effort they make!  

The Big Call

KRG President Meets US General

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani today welcomed Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Raymond Odierno, who is visiting to assess firsthand the status of the fight against ISIS terrorists and the cooperation between the Peshmerga, the coalition forces and the Iraqi forces.

General Odierno commended the bravery of the peshmerga forces and expressed his condolences for the fallen peshmerga. He stated that the United States would continue its support for the peshmerga and Iraqi forces in the fight against ISIS terrorists, adding that it would also work to further streamline its support and coordination with the peshmerga forces.

President Barzani said that defeating ISIS terrorists calls for a joint effort and that in parallel to the military effort, there is also a need for a realistic political and security solution in the country.

The two sides discussed the requirements of the peshmerga forces and ways of bolstering cooperation and coordination among the peshmerga, the Iraqi security forces, and the coalition forces.


Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Thanksgiving Afternoon


Transformation November 27, 2014 at 3:56pm


In the past days there has been with a lot of activities in the background that has not come to the eyes of the public.  We feel like we are driving down the street with no name but yet the street is real with people and sceneries along the way.

This is a massive gigantic undertaking and NO ONE MAN responsible for it.  IN ANCIENT SANSKRIT TEXTS, THESE TIMES  HAS BEEN WRITTEN AS THE CHANGE FROM THE AGE OF KAL YUG (Age of Evil and deceit) TO THE AGE OF SAT YUG (the age prosperity and abundance). 

 Although being a reality, A hand of the CREATOR is involved in the Timing, transition, transgression and transformation.  It’s a process and there is finality to the changes that is coming down to mankind.  The Changes are real and no HOPIUM.
Earlier this week there has been movement in the Historical Bonds Redemption process.  Some has also announced that the asset backed currency of the United States is on the screen.  There are some saying the finality will be in January/February; that is with the completion of the RV/GCR, PP, Humanitarian Projects etc. 

Keep in mind this process was a long drawn out process with President Kennedy and has not been fully actualized to this present time.  The indication is that it is a slow moving process with no return only forward momentum advancement.   From here on I will watch it unfold as the street with no name will have a name and reality.




“The Street With No Name”


EXOGEN November 27, 2014 at 4:21pm “ Santa Clause is Coming to Town”



KyMike:  Boy if you wanted to slip a rv into the world, tonight would be a great nite…everyone falls asleep from all the turkey, and opps theres the rv…lol

DC   [via Adept1 on Wednesday CC]   Iraq is supremely ready.   A ton of people from the PM’s office, banks, CBI and the finance ministry are all saying this is happening now.  They are running on television that this will be complete by 1. December.  

ISIL is being beaten back, too. Yesterday and this morning [Wednesday], prices have changed further in the major business centers – airports, major chains, etc., are reflecting the new rates as of yesterday.

 We’ve been dealing with five different rates, but now all the major financial movers are reflecting the new international rate of $3.58. This morning, I got seven independent contacts on this, that they are paying for gas and such at the new rate.

However, the banks are mainly showing the old 1166 rates, so it’s confusing but still a wonderful thing that you can do major purchases at the new rate.  



BLUE POST ………. Is what this is about.  (See Article Below)

KTFA,  Frank


walkongstick :   Citizen: recent agreement with the Kurdistan is not final unless it acknowledges the oil and gas law

Slyder | November 27, 2014, 13:12 | sajad | Treasures Media

Between the coalition of citizen, on Thursday, said, the agreement was recently signed between the oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the provincial government of Ayad final agreement to resolve oil dispute unless the approval of oil and gas law.

The MP said the coalition, Hashem al-Moussawi, said that “oil and gas law will solve oil problems with the region as well as with oil-producing provinces,” but he also said, “but that the application of the current agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve oil dispute, though it is a positive thing, but it needs to follow the center and the region To avoid Zaaurer other problems again, and this follow-up remains constant until the approval of oil and gas law. “

He stressed Moussawi that “the Iraqis right in the oil wealth, but not of the correct preparation of Iraqi financial budget based on what issued Basra and Nasiriyah oil, but must include all imports of the provinces and the region, and with respect to other problems between the center and the region can be resolved in accordance with the political consensus Iraqi constitution “.


walkongstick :  Saleem al-Jubouri: the constitutionality of Article 140 and the adoption of the oil law would be …

: 05:58: 11/26/2014

The head of the House of Representatives (Salim al), “The constitutionality of Article 140, and that the Council will approve the related laws, among the approval of oil and gas law will be a priority for the House of Representatives.”

He (al-Jubouri) during a press conference held at the House of Representatives, on Wednesday: “The constitutionality of Article 140 and we are concerned with the formation of a parliamentary committee to follow up the implementation of temporary to say when it carried out.”

He (al-Jubouri) “The oil and gas law is the most important laws that long-standing 8 years ago and should be completed by the legislation,” explaining that there is a dialogue between the center and the region and the Federal Minister of Oil, and these dialogues talking about the nature of the problem and the mechanisms of the solution, and that the law within package of legislation that have been waiting for, because he is one of the priorities of the Council. “




KTFA   Frank……… TA DA THIS !!!  

PS …. No one picked up on the BLUE POST Line …. “M is leaving”.


aggiedad77 » November 27th, 2014, 5:23 pm 

Of all the news we’ve seen today……I pray that Abadi is able to deliver a 2015 budget to Parliament on Saturday……yes it forces them to postpone their vacation….but then I suspect we will see this Parliament working at a speed that might even surprise themselves at getting this budget passed….

This may or may not bring about a change in the value of the IQD….but it should go a long ways in showing/proving to the PTB….that the new Iraqi government is serious about the future well being of their country and are not just doing “all they can to save their country”….but are actually “doing the right things to save their country”…..continue with your patience and watch what transpires.

Aloha   Randy


Frank26:  The PTB must be from Missouri ………. SHOW ME GOI AND CBI.

They are.

KTFA,   Frank


Araji: Iraqi Budget 2015 to include IQD 108 trillion

Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Baha al-Araji assured on Thursday that the Iraqi 2015 budget will include 108 trillion Iraqi Dinars.

Araji said in a press statement “The Council of Ministers will hold an exceptional session on Thursday to approve the federal budget and send it to the parliament,” noting that “The total value of the federal budget 2015 will be IQD 108 based on a $ 70 for the barrel of oil.”


Hamoudi: Abadi to attend parliament session over budget

Baghdad (AIN) –Member of the Parliament Presidency, Humam Hamoudi, assured on Thursday that “the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will attend the Parliament session next week to deliver 2015 budget law draft.”

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister, Baha al-Araji, has confirmed on Thursday that the Iraqi federal budget 2015 will be of IQD 108 trillion value.