Source: Vice-President and Deputy PM within the share of Iraqi forces alliance

BAGHDAD / NINA / A source from the Iraqi Forces Alliance declared that the posts of Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister are within the Share of the Alliance.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / “The head of Muttahidoon coalition, Osama al-Nujaifi, is the candidate for vice-president of the republic.”

The source added that “the head of Arabia coalition, Saleh al-Mutlaq would retain his position as deputy prime minister for services.”

He pointed out that “the political blocs affiliated to the Iraqi forces alliance have agreed at its last meeting on the candidates.” / end


Tlar says house cleaning is almost done.

Tlar Article: “Law: The next meeting will witness the end the dilemma of the general budget” [imo budget comes after the new goi is sworn in....I sure as heck can't see them voting it off before and having those monies go to M's corrupt cronies he has in all the current positions.] they dismissed Maliki’s ministers two weeks ago and these ministries are without certain Maliki Ministers, but are being run by their second or third in command until the new ministers come in. The house cleaning has mostly been done.


Monday News Summaries by Aggiedad77 at KTFA

Aggiedad77 » September 1st, 2014, 1:13 pm  Monday News and Commentaries

Happy Labor Day

Al-Maliki’s son leads the largest transfer of furniture from the Green Zone to Touirij

So the Maliki family is emptying out the Green Zone of furniture and autos…..makes me wonder if their hard drives are being destroyed too….oh and don’t forget the backup files too….will they even leave the light bulbs….even taking the generators….I’m sure that much of the revenues of oil sales have bought much of this furniture and other extravagant furnishings….but so go the spoils I guess.

Parliamentary bloc: Abadi will receive today the names of candidates Ministries Alkanah new government

Today is supposedly the deadline to get your list of names to Abadi for his review and possible selection as part of his GOI ministry…..let’s see if this deadline actually takes or will we hear later of yet another 2 day deadline…..nothing being announced from him as yet….rumors of names of course…but that is all we have at this point.

The world will meet in Geneva for a UN resolution condemning the Daash

The UN Human Rights Council will be meeting in Geneva today to issue a binding resolution against DAASH condemning their actions against humanity…intending to cut sources of funding to them.

Commerce Minister calls on France to provide facilities for investors and traders Iraqis

Iraqi Trade Minister is attempting to restart relationships with the French, getting airlines opened up, visas obtained for businessmen, and encouraging the French to do business with Iraqis more than has been done in the past….a unified government would go a long ways in helping improve trade across the board and around the world for Iraq.

Russian “Gazprom” to start pumping oil from a field of Badra in Wasit

Gazprom is beginning to pump oil from the Badra field in Wasit……at levels of 15,000 barrels per day….Gazprom is a Russian powerhouse oil company…and they are partnered with several other national oil companies of other countries.

Miladinov Jubouri: Iraq is undergoing a delicate and needs international support

Speaker of Parliament Jubouri is working with all political blocs attempting to overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of forming a new government and at the same time seeking international support for Iraq…..this man seems to be keenly interested in getting a unified government formed so that Iraq can move forward….can he smell the IR perhaps.

Trade agreement with the founding of the company for the transfer of the ration card

The Ministries of Trade and Commerce are attempting to work with each other towards the founding of a company that can handle issues with the ration card…..overcoming obstacles that appear to be put in place by both ministries…..are they saying that left hand doesn’t communicate with the right hand….welcome to big government…..what remains unclear to me…..these ministers who are doing all this work, or are calling for this work….they are the outgoing folks so makes me wonder where this effort will get to when the new folks come on board around the 10th of the month.

President Masum: Formation of the government is imminent

You know the routine….words like imminent, soon, almost ready….one thing is for sure….”something” needs to happen soon, hopefully by the 10th…..the admit their initial focus will be on security and terrorism plus a restoration of Iraqi relations with their neighbors in the region as well….because of the threat from terrorism they see ties with the region as critical to effectively fight the terrorist cells.

Hafiz negotiators Shiites: Give Abadi, the freedom to choose his cabinet ministers

What a novel idea….give Abadi the freedom and flexibility to choose his own ministry members…..stop with the inner bloc bickering and demands that others feel must be met or they won’t present a candidate…..get real people…..there is a time for everything under the sun and the heavens… is just not that time to be bickering…put an end to it and move forward.

Jubouri: the financial budget was returned to the government and prevail where military spending

I am a strong proponent that there has to be more here than is meeting the eye of the public……WHY WHY WHY pass a budget back to a “government”…the GOI….”Maliki’s” thugs that have done nothing with the budget since December….this makes no sense to me….these puppets have no strings attached to them any more…..they have no clout….they are merely a caretaker….keep-the-chair-warm kind of group… would be the time for the Parliament to throw away the Depends and prove to all Iraqi’s they are capable of acting on their own, make the changes to the budget that will get it approved….get it read, then read it again…then vote on the darn thing.

Maliki describes the epic Amerli b “New Karbala”

Maliki visited the city of Amerli…..yes he actually left the Green Zone….to visit this city hit hard by the terrorist gangs and has been re-taken…..he is “saying” that relief is on the way in the form of food, water, and medicine……well the proof will be in the delivery….we shall see if he can actually carry forth the role of humanitarian before be leaves office…..Maliki was quoted in this city as saying that “Iraq will become a graveyard for DAASH”……IMO….an idle proposal on his part….he will soon be but a memory and the real clean up will be done by a reenergized government made up of unified forces.

National forces: two points constitute a dispute with the national negotiations to form a government

Two areas that seem to be disputed with regards to the formation of the new government….these areas are accountability and justice and general amnesty……negotiations are ongoing between national forces and the National Alliance to resolve these issues….with today being the deadline for getting names to Abadi….actually I thought yesterday was the deadline…but who is splitting hairs at this point….oh right…Maliki is responsible for the careful “comb-over”……I’m sure he is ever watchful….looking for a door through which he thinks he can pounce.

Sahlani: Parliament will vote tomorrow on its committees and permanent host, Minister of Finance

A member of Parliament announced that in tomorrow’s session of Parliament they will be voting on the permanent committees as well as those MP’s who will become members of specific committees…..KEEP IN MIND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ABADI’S WORK TO SEAT THE GOI…….tomorrow should also see the discussion with the budget as well as with issues surrounding displaced citizens….a big day for Parliament if they can indeed pull all of this off.

After exclude him in the elections .. Adeeb al-Maliki, a surprising winning portfolio in isolation from the coalition!

Some folks within the State of Law coalition appear to have reason to believe if you are related to Maliki you probably will not get asked to sit as part of Abadi’s new government….sounds reasonable to me…..remember he is looking for leaders who demonstrate accountability and integrity….one might tend to question those qualities of Maliki and clan at this point.

National Alliance: the signing of the government program today in the presence of all the blocks

Supposedly the National Alliance will be publicizing a paper today that has been approved by other blocs that puts forth the curriculum of the new government going forward…..again…this to me seems like something that Abadi would want his hand in as well as the hands of his new GOI….but they are not an entity just yet….but they will be soon…imminently….in the new future….by the 10th…hopefully.

United States Central Command announced the destruction of tanks and armed vehicles for “Daash” Amerli near Mosul Dam

Now this has to hurt….our own forces destroying our own equipment, millions of dollars worth of equipment that fell into the hands of terrorists when Mosul and area was overrun back in June and the Iraqi Army turned tail and fled, leaving behind cherry equipment for the picking by the terrorists….but it is what it is…..air strikes continue to be used to deter efforts of the terrorists and all the while their targets are often US equipment….if only we had some ground forces on the ground….”if only we had a strategy.”

Kurdistan: our rights in four government ministries and demanded the oil or financial

No we aren’t in control but we by golly can still make demands and this is what we want….so says the Kurds….oil or finance ministry….and two others that have yet to be named…..are they still willing to give up the fight for the Foreign Relations ministry they have held for a number of years….plus they want to get a census completed within 2 years.

State law proposes the formation of the government in two phases

The State of Law….led by Maliki just will not give up the ship and allow Abadi and his coalition to form the new government they continue to attempt to keep stirring the pot….as though they even have their hand on the ladle in the pot any more…..Maliki has been quiet for the past week or so……..he’s not been golfing….but has definitely been up to something…..unseen….unheard from….yet hard at work….to push their monkey-wrench into the works of the new government.

Kurdistan Alliance: our proposals concerning the oil and gas law benediction of “acceptability”

The Kurds are pushing for their proposals regarding the oil and gas law to be accepted….they want it made clear they have the right to produce and export their oil as they have been doing through Turkey….

That they have the right to sell said oil on the open market…..

They believe that what was voted upon in September 2011 makes it a constitutional violation for the central government to confiscate the oil rights of the provinces or territories.

Here are news summaries for today…..enjoy


Tlar Update Emailed To Family & Friends

Post Brought From Currency Chatter

Tlar:   The agreement is signed as I  write this.  tlar

Email sent today to family and friends

Tlar Comment :   – The Iraqi’s have spent this last week meeting. All sects were involved including the Shia, Sunni, Kurds and Turkman.

The purpose which has been the hold up in the process, is to remove the element of “trust” between the sects and put forth a document in writing which identified both the big problems and their solutions.

Laws that have been dormant for years like the HCL and Article 104 were moved to the fore front along with their solutions. They were agreed upon to be signed, run in front of parliament and registered with the Iraqi courts and the UN.

This document is all important to the process to give everyone that warm fuzzy to vote this new government in.

  Many of these things could not be done before the government is voted in because they require the new COM to be seated and the Sunni’s and the Kurd’s, having been burnt by the previous Shia government lead by Maliki, were gun shy to vote until they got assurances that the new government was in tune with their concerns and solutions.

Both the Kurd’s and the Sunni presented papers of demands and the negotiations commenced. As of this morning sometime we should see that all parties have signed, all agreements are done.

This will be seen by the CBI as a settled position as far as the government goes. The government may or may not take a few more days to form but it is my belief that it will make no difference to the plan.

 Both the Sunni and Kurd’s have presented their ministers for revue and that revue has already rejected two unqualified applicants.

So there is a process at work here to get the most qualified experienced technocrats that they can to run these ministries unlike the last government where you could purchase a ministry if you offered the most money.

The process and announcement of the government should be early this week as the Iraqi’s are acting at light speed for them.

Tomorrow we should see our RV providing that the document is/was signed last night and there is every reason to believe it was.

 The CBI needs this done and it has been waiting patiently since July 1st to introduce monetary change.

The last word is that it is still holding in the high threes. My belief is it will be $3.71 and I have my reasons for this. I won’t go into them here.

Next week should be a glorious week for both us and the Iraqi’s. I realize there are many that still don’t understand what’s going on or how they can do this.

 I also realize that if I miss the date by even one day, there are those that will call me a kook. It makes no difference to me. I want everyone to know how close this is to being finished.

When this happens, I am asking that everyone who is in my direct family contact me immediately. Tlar

Jaxjags:      Published by the agency on the eighth day    BAGHDAD – ((eighth day))

A member of the negotiating committee of the National Alliance, Hamid Malp on Monday that “the government paper curriculum to the next government will be completed today for presentation at an expanded meeting for signature by all the political blocs.”

Said Malp that this paper prepared by the National Alliance after integrating the demands of all the political blocs and agreed upon by everyone, and will be signed today in an expanded meeting will be held this evening,

 pointing out that “intensive talks between the political blocs, which he described as positive, leading to the semi-agreement on this

The paper by the major blocs, with the hope that we finish this paper and sign it at a meeting today, to cross to the nomination stage minister. “

He pointed out “that in the case of agreement on this paper and signed today, will provide candidates for the ministries from tomorrow for two days, is likely to provide cab ministerial session in the House of Representatives to be held early next week.”

T / A N / 12  1, 2014 | 1:45

Bits and Pieces Late Monday Morning


mc September 1, The Phoenix Call was encouraging but I wonder about the 2nd basket issue. It was mentioned that a drop in the US Dollar and the aftermath would be soothed by a second revaluation. So, would holding onto 25 to 50 percent of your Dinar until the next reval be the wise decision? Does that nullify the advice of do not wait? Do we just take the money and run? 

NewEarthNow > EXO, SQUATCHY, does your intel confirm what the guy on the Phoenix Call reported??? Timeline and SECOND Reval on Dinar???   Thanks again!

Sqwatchy > NewEarthNow YES!  If you are taking contract rates…it doesn’t matter what the rate comes out at, or will increase to…take the money and run means get the contract rates….and sing like a canary all the way home!

G T  OK EXO….When is The USA Going to allow Iraq to Announce their FULLY SEATED GOI ? When will they Stop Posting these BS Agendas???

EXOGEN > G T When the USA tells them to


RE: Mnt Goat Update Today:

G T Exo…..Do you believe this???  The Gov’t’s Seated, Sworn in & Doong Business.

When will the US just let them announce this & go on with the RV

EXOGEN > G T Actually the GOAT is pretty accurate today.

G T > EXOGEN So NO ANNOUNCEMENT Today or Tomorrow!!!  Now MAYBE THURSDAY (9/4)!!!



LVegas > EXOGEN So you agreeing between Sept 4th and the 9th?

EXOGEN > LVegas We know the constitutional deadline in Iraq But that is not needed for Private Placement deals to start in next 24-48 hours

Pat  > EXOGEN So in other words everything is delayed until next week?

EXOGEN >The only thing missing is the 1-800 numbers and exchanges… many in IQD Land are waiting for are not 100% based on IRAQ, as they are Private Placement transactions

EXOGEN > Notice how Iraq keeps doing 48 hour stalls

G T > EXOGEN  You mean the US ordering 48 Hr Stalls!!!


Abundant Clarity > EXOGEN Ummmmm Goat wrote this yesterday. Yet there was a huge party on S3A last night. Now Goat is accurate? Sorry Exo… this kinda smells. 


LVegas > EXOGEN But how many in this group are part of Private Placement deals? Not many I bet.



I4U:  (Late Sunday Night)

Landons Nana:  tman23 This time around there are several reports of people celebrating in the streets in many different areas as ISIL is being extracted…Reports that Maliki and his son have moved cars, furniture and generators through the back gate as they vacate the green zone…Reports the Kurds have submitted their list of ministers…Reports the GOI will be introduced Tuesday to Parliament…Reports the Budget is to be voted on… In other words, all the news is positively overwhelming!

Landons Nana: BGG:   I’m not sure they could hold the value down long enough to do them any good. For instance – if they started out at a dime… (purely hypothetical) – there would be a mad rush initially. Then the value would start to rise once investors figured out what was going on…this rise has been predicted by some well respected economists…it may take as little as 30 days. I don’t think they would get much off the street that quickly. It would take a while just to get to a bank, get verified, get exchanged – etc, etc, etc… a true float would wind up at a “reality rate” so quickly I don’t know they would get enough off the street to risk the down side later.



Ivantulofitov:  hope I don’t get lynched for saying this but the most recent post on recaps explains why we are not seeing the announcements yet and In My Opinion why DC thought it was done…. cabinet ministers were named in the gazette, just not all of them yet. we have at least until wed or thurs maybe up to next week but likely sooner 

Brookriver30:  Franks has been saying not until the 8-9- now other writers are talking the 9th


Rrrr:  Try to live every day as though you have deliberately come back to this one day. To enjoy it as though it is the last day of your extraordinary life. We’re all travelling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best… to relish this remarkable ride. Live in this moment… not regretting the last or worrying about the next. The results will incredible.



zerb :franky franky…I can’t wait till tonight…so here is a little foreshadowing


Frank 26: LOL………… Yes indeed ……… We will have lots of fun and info tonight.

I believe this GOI has been in labor long enough……… Water broke long ago ………. Intel feels there is a birth announcement coming ………. On the 10th.

M cleaned out his desk ……… We cleaned out his Clock.

Timing is now good ………. Safe to talk about it tonight.

will we see an IR this week…… IMO …….. No.

Nor will You see a full GOI announced this week.

There are far more important things to do and that they ARE DOING RIGHT NOW.

This not a race to an IR ……… It is the securing of it……… NOW.

C U on Your CC  (7 PM

KTFA,   Frank


DLR » The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. -Albert Einstein


jdtolle » September 1st, 2014, Consider, decide, and do

Consider, decide, and do. Think about what’s most important to you, and then put those thoughts into action.

Take notice of the doubts and fears, learn what they have to teach, and then let them go. Make the commitment to move forward no matter what, and honor that commitment each day.

Achievement is challenging but not particularly complicated. It’s a matter of consistently putting your values, goals, desires and dreams into action.

It’s up to you to make your life the way you want it to be. Every day is filled with opportunities for you to make meaningful progress.

Don’t settle for being overcome with regret, wondering what might have been. Use this day, this month, this year to create the best of what you know can be.

Consider what truly matters, decide with passion and commitment to go for it, and do what you must do to make it happen.

Today is your time to live with purpose, so go ahead and make it count.

— Ralph Marston

Wishing All peace and a safe and blessed day

Asian Currencies Storm Higher Against US Dollar

Asian Currencies Storm Higher Against US Dollar

Wall Street Journal11 hours ago

Asian currencies are charging higher against the U.S. dollar and outperforming other emerging-market currencies as global investors send fresh funds into the region's fast-growing economies.

Indonesian Rupiah Exchange Update: Depreciating on Strong US DollarIndonesia Investments
EM ASIA FX-Rupiah pares losses after unexpected trade surplus; Asia FX stableReuters